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Well, we went to *a* wedding, just not yours

Things Jason said at Nate's wedding - the results.
"Commode. Commode. Commode. This word has lost all meaning. Commode......see?"
I think this is the only thing that Jason said at Nate's wedding that he planned on saying. I will note that he said lots of other clever and/or funny things, but because I was hepped up on Sudafed, it's all quite hazy.

Nate's Wedding broken down to bullet points
  • I went with Lisa and Craig to the wedding. Lisa, she's knocked up, and then Craig was all sleepy. Then there was me barely lucid from days of taking cold medicine and trying to deal with the jet-lag/time difference between NYC and RDU. We were ready to party - and by "party" I mean, "sleep".

  • We forgot the invite with the address and name of the church where the wedding took place. That was funny. We discussed what we would do if we got to a church where they were having a wedding and it turned out not to be Nate's... would we just stay? I voted we'd just stay and then tell Nate, "well, we were at *a* wedding".

  • Lovely church with some kind of nutty, almost cubist looking stained glass.

  • The minister loved them both.

  • Mrs. (aka Dr.?) Nate looked lovely. Nate did as well.

  • The reception was at the Cardinal Club (is that right?) - 20-something floors above the city of Raleigh. I believe it's the tallest building in town. I pointed out places that I had been. "See, there's the circular hotel that we stayed at once - there was vomit on the curtains. It was nasty."
    Nice view.

  • For their first dance, Nate sang Mrs. Nate a song. I forget what the song was. Something about "Sudafed" I think. No. Wait.

  • They announced during the reception that they wanted some group photos - including a photo of the "robots". We feared that people might of thought we were some sort of Sci-fi club.

  • The wedding cake was quite the tasty. As was the roast beef and the seared, pepper encrusted tuna.

  • Tim was there. Jason of Dog Years was there. Lisa was there. Mr. Lisa and Mrs. Jason were there. And Nate. And myself.
    Kind of a fun happyrobot get together.

  • 23 hours in NC
    A big thanks to Lisa for housing my cheap, Kleenex stealing ass for 23 hours this weekend.
    Transportation was provided to and from the airport courtesy of Craig. Guests of Craig and Lisa stay on their comfortable couch.

    I like their sweet dog.

    Brought to you by
    Product plug once again: a while ago I cheered the good name of some company who makes special ear plugs that you can use when you have a head cold or some other 'pressure hurts my ears" condition. I once again bought some and they worked splendidly even with the pesky cold that I had.
    Viva whatever company makes them!

    Sunday morning I woke up (after like 100 hours of sleep) on Lisa's couch, had a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios, and then jumped on 10am flight back to the Big Stink. Because I rock so much, on both my trips I got the emergency exit row - and even better, they were small planes so I got the exit row where there is only one seat.
    Apparently, (or I'm assuming) if you choose the exit row, security has to give you a cavity check, so in hindsight I don't rock so much. But, yea, on both legs of my trip I got pulled off to the side and totally searched and had my belongings and my delicates fingered by gruff federal employees.
    Exit row: rocks!
    Taking way too long through security: sucks.

    OK, so back on track. Sunday morning was the most perfect morning to fly, though (apart from the security part). Clear skies, no turbulence - the pilot flew up through Brooklyn and I was able to find Smith Street... and then find the building on the corner... and then, "HEY! There's my apartment!"
    I smiled.
    There was something so fun about seeing my apartment and the city - all so pretty and peaceful from way up in the air.
    I would of cried if I had seen the cat sitting in the window, but that is neither here, nor is neither there.

    Sometimes I really like flying and having an exit row seat and a good book to read and a small glass of soda.

    Rich is a druggie.
    »jason ||  10/11/2004 ||  10:56:50 AM
    i'm still a little embarrassed about the "robots" announcement. i'm pretty sure everyone thought we were star trek geeks...
    »lisa ||  10/11/2004 ||  12:53:20 PM
    Nate married Jason?
    »bystander ||  10/11/2004 ||  3:02:07 PM
    Jason did admit to watching first run and rerun episodes of Deep Space 9.
    »tim ||  10/11/2004 ||  4:39:44 PM

    »jason ||  10/11/2004 ||  5:57:56 PM
    there is nothing like seeing your home from an airplane window to make you realize you live there. Thanks for the pics and the description- I hope it's ok that I'm living an alternate life, vicariously through you fun, funny people
    »anne ||  10/12/2004 ||  10:30:28 AM

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