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Election 2004

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Can I have some of your magical hoochie crack?

Stupid extra credit points for redemption
Morality was the sleeper issue?!
So you voted for the smirking frat boy who barely got through college, had a coke and alcohol problem, was arrested for DUI, and had that whole insider trading issue when his oil company went belly up?

And just because he ‘found jesus' he has more ‘morals' than someone else who, from what I can tell, pretty much lead a decent life and didn't pretty a whole lot of rules?

Morality my white butt.
I don't know what pipe half of this country is smoking from, but can I have some of your magical hoochie crack?

Democratic Party
I really think this is their fault. I'll work on the reasons why, but I really feel like this should of been an easy win.
I'll work on this rant later.
When I am not drunk and pantsless and smoking this magical hoochie crack

FYI World
From now on I am going to be jackass, drug taking, father raping, mother stabbing, baby kicking, dog poking, cat bathing, grandmother tripping, hooker soliciting, terrorist cuddling, freedom hating mother f*cker!

Then, after I am all coked up and hooker satisfied, I am finding jesus and becoming saved and you retards will elect me king of the world.

Redemption rocks!

The Hispanic vote?!
How the hell did get GWB get all the friggin Hispanic vote?

No more telemundo in my house.

i am weeping down here. seriously.
»n8 ||  11/3/2004 ||  11:39:06 AM
i am weeping too. i am pissed about these so-called "moral" issues. don't even get me started on the south and their morals. someone help us!
»lisa ||  11/3/2004 ||  11:52:36 AM
i thought my very emotional reaction was due to baby induced sleep deprivation. i am at least comforted to know i wasn't the only one to cry. i'm going to go out for a walk so as not to be in the apt when that concession speech comes on. somebody just tell me the highlights later.
»jj ||  11/3/2004 ||  11:58:13 AM
I am so embarassed. I am crying at my desk. A wept convulsively last night. How are we ever going to undo 8 years of this?
»pony ||  11/3/2004 ||  1:08:53 PM
Also, "finding jesus" is like "discovering america". Everyone who finds Him thinks that only they can define his will.
»pony ||  11/3/2004 ||  1:16:21 PM
I pretty much agree with everything you've said here, but I have to take issue with you on one detail:

I don't recommend bathing cats.
»chris ||  url || 11/3/2004 ||  2:18:16 PM
well said,Rich. A very tearful loss for all reasonable Americans.
»eve ||  11/3/2004 ||  3:10:10 PM

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