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Every image on my work laptop

Have a good weekend
OK, so it's not ALL the images. I took the obvious work related ones off.
But this is everything in my my photos folder on my snazzy IBM laptop I use at work.

who knows... YOU could be in here

viva photoshop's automated contact sheet feature

I think that's me in the snow.

»anne ||  11/12/2004 ||  2:12:44 AM
that's me in the corner
»michael ||  11/12/2004 ||  8:50:18 AM
Hey, it's Okie Eric!
»chris ||  11/12/2004 ||  9:42:22 AM
You are one ecclectic dude.
»pony ||  11/12/2004 ||  10:12:28 AM
Me! Me!!
I see me and my woman!

»jason ||  11/12/2004 ||  11:20:55 AM
who's Okie Eric?

(i mean, i should know that since it's on my computer, eh?)
»:r ||  11/12/2004 ||  1:19:04 PM
He's the big fat guy in the OU shirt with the "Go Huskies" bubble coming out of his mouth.
»chris ||  11/12/2004 ||  1:29:48 PM
hey, there we are. on your desktop. cool.
»marriedn8 ||  11/12/2004 ||  1:54:42 PM
Eeeeehhhhh, I dominate this page! Purrrrr.
»the fonz ||  11/13/2004 ||  9:29:44 PM

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