France? Still? Who cares?
I was looking at that "We're not sorry" page and just guffawing (guffawing out loud, mind you) about all the "F*ck France" stuff.

That's so 2003.

I am still not sure how France became a rallying cry for the right in this past election.
Wait.. France?!
Those soufflé eaters?
The "France" in Europe?

Can I quote Mr. Jon Stewart in regards to France? This is from the O'REILY FACTOR!!! (you have to yell the name of the show).
STEWART: By the way, I couldn't agree with you more about the French thing. They are such an important country, and I think really deserve a boycott.

O'REILLY: Yeah, they do.

STEWART: Because of the influence they wield in the world.

O'REILLY: Well, you know, I know you don't agree with...

STEWART: They have a variety of cheeses, and...

O'REILLY: I was just going to say, you have to have your brie before you go on.

STEWART: Do you really believe France is, in any way, worthy of a boycott?

O'REILLY: I do. I think France has really hurt the USA, to be...

STEWART: Really?

O'REILLY: Yes, I do.

STEWART: More than like Saudi Arabia? You would advocate a boycott...

O'REILLY: No, I'm not going to say more than Saudi Arabia. But I'm saying we do a lot...

STEWART: So why not boycott them?

O'REILLY: France is supposed to be our friend. Saudi Arabia is...

STEWART: Since when?

STEWART: Since the revolution they haven't been our friend.

Bill O'Reilly was hurt by France?
I mean, we all know that this France-bashing is really American elitist bashing - but, still, it really makes the republicans look stupid.

"Go back to France!!"
I mean... c'mon.

Good things about France
Tasty cheese
Pretty french girls
Funny Citroen cars
Pastis liquor

Bad things about France
Nuclear testing
Pesky, sometimes confusing wine labels
Men love to pee everywhere
Funny Citroen cars
The sandwich guy that overcharged me
Their version of pizza

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