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Meet The Vagabond

My photo is out of date?
I was playing with that new-ish A9 search site and naturally looked up (initially I wrote "googled") "happyrobot" to see if I got any different results.

One I hadn't seen before was about irrelevant google bombs, like "John Kerry eats children". There was a funny comment about the Robot Journal as well:

- Gene Nash:
Speaking of HappyRobot, what is up with that picture? Is it from 1976? The wide open shirt, the gold chain, the Burt Reynolds mustache... and he's looking to go from business casual to business attire. Maybe he should start slow... like 1984... a nice Members Only, some parachute pants....


Gene, that fellow is actually named "The Vagabond", or more precisely, the necklace he was modeling was named that. The photo is from a crochet or knitting or something book that Mrs. Robot nabbed from her mum I believe.
In college I went to Kinkos and made Valentines cards with his photo - they were sweeet!

To sum up... that's not actually me.

Me so drunky
The past few weeks I seem to find myself at work events that center around two things I enjoy doing:
1. drinking
2. spending outrageous amounts of other people's money.

A week or so ago, we went and did this guerilla marketing type thing where we went bar-hopping and drank a bunch of stuff. The last bar was one of those stupid meat-packing district velvet rope guy with clipboard out front places. They totally hassled us at the door, which was shocking because when we finally fought our way in, the place was almost empty except for some dorks bumping and grinding by the front door.

This stupid club also did the whole bottle service thing and they totally were giving us attitude about a two bottle minimum and how it will cost so much to stay in the empty upstairs VIP room - but little did they know we were all equipped with corporate cards with like 4 million limits. So, six people and it was like 1300$ when all was said and done (and that was just for the 4th bar we went to).
It was, as they would say, off the hook.
The next morning I barely could move.

That bottle service thing is a great racket, btw - some wonderful mark-up there.

Then last night
I went to some sort of... something. Not really sure what it was supposed to be, except the company was sponsoring it. I met that girl drummer with the dreds who plays with Lenny Kravitz. Also, pop-sensation Ashanti was there. She was really short.
I think she is like 17, so maybe Legal should look into that one.
Champagne flowed freely which meant this morning found me feeling quite.. um, in pain.

I also had a dream that Old Dirty Bastard drove me to his funeral. He actually crashed the car into the side of the building.

New Roboters abound
I need to do a "meet your new roboters" feature since we seem to have a bunch of new fun folks onboard.

Latest Stinkweed album cover

You would look smashing in a Members Only jacket.

(Speaking of MO... I was hoping that someone somewhere would put out a Members Only condom. That's marketing gold. And yes, I'm just giving these ideas away for free.)
»chris ||  11/18/2004 ||  2:16:23 PM
gene is kidding, right? he doesn't really think someone from 2004 looks like that?
»lisa ||  11/18/2004 ||  2:20:40 PM
hey, watchit.
»that guy ||  11/18/2004 ||  2:45:34 PM
i would hope that Gene would realize the snarky irony whatever thing that goes on here. he seems like a nice person... maybe he will google his name and come chat with us.
»:r ||  11/18/2004 ||  3:06:30 PM
stinkweed totally kicks my fuckin pirate ass!
»dred pirate davey ||  11/19/2004 ||  9:16:08 AM

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