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I got your thanks right here

We ate approximately 5,000 pounds of food over the weekend which came from about three separate thanksgiving dinners, plus countless reheating of leftovers.
Sweet potatoes, you do rock.
The homemade relish my mother-in-law had also rocked.

Canada Daze
1. Honky Cracker and Pony have thanksgiving dinner in Canada is so awesome.
2. Mrs. Robot met Pony's Mom last week.

Tuesday morning the phone rings at 8am while I am in the shower and minutes later Mrs. Robot pads in to say that her mom just called and that her grandmother had passed away that morning.
She was a sweet, little grandma who made quilts.
So, our thanksgiving plans were thrown topsy-turvy.

Bereavement Fare
Plane tickets had to be bought. I had always heard about that almost quasi-urban legend that you can get discounted airfare when a member of your family dies.
Maybe I am late on this, but we used a special travel agent that the funeral home had set up and they rocked in regard to getting a really cheap ticket and car rental for us.
Kudos to them.

OK, I have had enough of these for 2004. No more.

You Rock
The Republicans have convinced people that there's a greater risk of a plane hitting their place of work than you actually losing your job
Chris Rock - Onion AV Club

There has been some noise in the blog-groan-sphere about bloggers doing product placement.
"On Monday, a squad of around 15 independent bloggers will begin inserting mentions of Marqui's hosted communications management services into their blogs for money.
The bloggers will get $800 a month to mention Marqui with a link once a week in their blogs and post its emblem on a page. They'll get an additional $50 per qualified sales lead they send to Marqui."

Anyone smell a google-bomb?
<a href="">Marqui</a>

My new favorite funny-because-it's-crazy website
"Center for Consumer Freedom"
It's a lobby organization that works to "protect consumer choice" on behalf of fast-food and chain restaurants like Cracker Barrel, Hooters, International House of Pancakes, Olive Garden, Outback Steakhouse, Red Lobster, Steak & Ale, TGI Friday's, Uno's Restaurants, and Wendy's.
Bascially, they are fighting the anti-fast-food / junk-food movement.

Steak & Ale. Ha. Are they still in business?

They didn't like the movie Supersize Me
Caffeine addiction claims are ridiculous
Center for Consumer Freedom - IRS investigates
Wiki: Center for Consumer Freedom

They also run a right-wing anti-activist site as well (ooops, sorry, I mean "anti-consumer activist groups")
(that's all good and well, unless you remember who they are funded by)

Consumer Rights
Would Jesus be a big supporter of corporations? By voting for Bush, are you also voting for big business?
Does Big Business act in christian ways?

Quoting Eric (w) summarizing Roger & Me: The purpose of corporations is to make a profit. It's NOT to look after the well-being of it's employees.

My sympathies to Mrs. Robot and Mrs. Robot's mom. Grammies rock the house, and I'm sad to see another grammie go.
»chris ||  11/28/2004 ||  6:36:26 PM
yes, that's it. no more '04 funerals.
sympathies and flowers.
»n8 ||  11/29/2004 ||  9:04:58 AM
The Corporation is a pretty good movie. It is weird, cuz you can't hold one person accountable for the havoc. And while no one person working for a major multinational *wants* the environment etc. destroyed, the unchecked culture of bottom line means that a series of events get set in motion that no own owns. (I am horrible at summarizing this).
»pony ||  11/29/2004 ||  1:17:58 PM
my condolences about the robot granny. as for Chris Rock, in the last four years, I've lost two jobs but have never been hit by a plane.
»s jen ||  11/29/2004 ||  2:52:51 PM
I'm going to be a "downer" once again. I ate Thankgiving dinner at Abu Ghraib between twelve hour shifts on the road looking for bad guys trying to escape from Fallujah. I found some, and they weren't happy being found - so now they are dead. Happy Thanksgiving.
»pat ||  12/5/2004 ||  5:33:13 AM

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