I have this alter-ego at work
First, let's pretend that the company I work is called... um... Swanson's Meats.
It's not, but let's pretend.

Whenever a co-worker pal is having a bad day, I have been known to take out some official letterhead and write them a note on behalf of the fictional head of the company Bob Swanson.
Something like: "We all appreciate your hard work on this recent project! You are an asset to our team. - Bob Swanson"

I then interoffice it to them.
It's kind of funny and ironic and goofy. People now ask me how Bob Swanson, the fictional head of our company, is doing.
(Because in our case, there isn't an actual "Swanson" involved with the company)

With the holidays upon us, I had to write a holiday letter. So, without further ado, the Swanson holiday family letter:

Happy Holidays!!
It's been a busy year here on the homestead and we just wanted to drop you all a note to say 'hi!" and to let you know what we are up to.

This was a big year for both our children. Krista, who is now 16!!!!, naturally got her driver's license this year and has been keeping Bob and I a little anxious when she is out and about. Krista is a good driver, of course (Bob wouldn't have bought her that little BMW if she wasn't!!!!!) but as concerned parents we still worry about her.

Knock on wood; Krista has had a trouble free year of driving so far.

Along with her driver's license, she has also found herself a boyfriend. His name is Jeremy and he is a senior at Wooddale. Bob and I have met him and his parents (his father owns KTG Consulting in the city) and they are a very lovely family.

Carl started at State this past fall and it's been quite an adjustment. Granted, we still have Krista in the "nest", but she spends a lot of time with her friends (and her new BMW!!!). Carl hasn't decided on a major just yet, and we aren't rushing him, but I know Bob hopes he follows in his footsteps and majors in Business Administration.

We'll see what happens. Don't tell Bob, but I think Carl is more interested in musical theatre than business!!!

I have been staying busy this year with a variety of projects. I still volunteer twice a week at the museum - which I still find very rewarding. My book club is going strong and I have stayed on top of my gardening (with the help of my loyal dog, Simon). This summer we had a particularly nice harvest of tomatoes, which we all really enjoyed.

Bob is staying busy at the office still. He loves the work and still finds it all very rewarding. He would love to pass the torch onto one of our children, but we'll just have to wait and see - they are both such free spirits.

Also, Bob wanted me to note that he finally beat his brother Thad in tennis this summer. The two of them have always been really competitive, but Bob played tennis at the Racquet Club all last winter (Thad does not know this!! HA!) and this summer finally ended Thad's 15 year winning streak in the family tournament.

Go Bob!!

Well, I have gifts to wrap. I hope the holidays are good to all of you and your families!

Merry Christmas!!

Bob, Kathy, Krista, Carl, and Simon!

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