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Me and that little computer have been through a lot together

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What the...
»pooves ||  1/9/2005 ||  2:46:22 PM
i was looking into an alienware computer - let me know how you like it in a few months. I'm not a gamer either so i didn't think it was for me but i did want a shiny purple one.
»k ||  1/9/2005 ||  3:14:56 PM
oh come on . . . you are all gamers . . . admit it.
»mr. xls ||  1/10/2005 ||  8:09:03 AM
the one i ordered is the non-flashy series. it's black and silver.... no aliens or anything.
»:r ||  1/10/2005 ||  10:04:55 AM

»jason ||  1/10/2005 ||  12:30:20 PM
Sorry I was laughing so hard, I couldn't post.

»jason ||  1/10/2005 ||  12:30:52 PM
i can't wait til you get your box. i've been drooling over the aliens myself.
»liz ||  1/10/2005 ||  10:42:31 PM

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