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New Years resolutions I could make and the chances of my actual keeping them

Resolutions Galore
I usually don't do the whole resolution thing. The few times I have, they were forgotten by the time the hangover wore off.
"I'm going to become a rock star karate champ in 1989! woooooooooo! Let's make out!"
New Years resolutions seem to be a great racket for gyms, though.

60% - Become a fan of Charles Bronson
This could easily be my "cougar" for 2005. We watched Death Wish 3 the other night, which was just so awesomely odd, funny, retarded.
For instance, there was a gang member named "the Giggler".

50% - Balance my checkbook on a regular basis
Unless I get laid off or begin to occur some major expenses, I don't think there is anyway this will happen. During 2004, my finances got ignored.
I have this great knack of spending the same amount of money every month, so there has never been much of a need to keep track of it.

35% - Take some sort of class for something
There are a dozen different areas of study where I could get my learn-on, but the thought of going back to school makes my head hurt.
I do need to learn me some French, because these bottles of wine are hard to figure out sometimes.

25% - Join a gym
I did that for a while, but never really got into it. I think I'd rather just ride my bike - except of course I don't do that when it's chilly (although I did ride all over Red Hook on New Years Day).

93% - Drink more wine
2004 was my year of white wine, so 2005 should be my red wine year. I need to swill more French wine. And Italian. And Spanish.
Oh, and NY wines.

70% - Become a "cool" uncle
My brother's wife is having a baby in a month (hi suzy!). Even though my wife's sister has two kids, I have never felt that attached to them. Possibly because I think they make fun of me or think I'm gay. Gay uncle Robot!
But, my little brother is having a kid and I am totally looking forward to drowning the kid in Legos and buying him non-cute baby clothes (I plan on buying him all-black baby clothes).

100% - Not go bear hunting
This is more of an inside joke with the ol' wife, but it's true. I will not go bear hunting this year (unless I am hunting for those bear shaped honey jars in the store).

85% - Make happyrobot more kick-ass
I'll try.

40% - Stop making fun of the blogs-o-sphere
Why do I find the world of "bloggers" so hilariously goofy - even when I participate in it?

5% - Get a therapist
I am shockingly normal and boring, although I sometimes really want to punch people for no reason.

80% - Wine Club!
Continue Wine Club into 2005. With the recent romantic happenings at the last one, I am sure I can rope in more single folks.

65% - Read better
My reading habits are all wonkey. I have like 2,000 books on my bedside table and I have read a chapter here and there of all of them. I need to sit down and read these things from the start to the finish.

70% - Work on TV Sucks
I don't watch that much TV, but would love to grow the TV Sucks feature here on happyrobot. I realize that I would have to watch more TV though - and I would probably have to purposely watch sucky TV.
I am hoping that some of you out there volunteer to help.

10% - Buy something
Our tax accounting guy says doing our taxes is boring and is requesting that we buy something so things will be more interesting.
We need to buy a house or something.
I want more closets.
I guess I need to find some money first, though.

60% - The book version of happyrobot
Yea, this has to be done.

Re: Charles Bronson
Yes. Death Wish 3 is one of the greatest films of all time. All Time. Make Charles Bronson the new Cougar.

Re: Punching People
I'm thinking of startinga Punching People Club. Wanna join? It's kinda like Fight Club, but for wusses. We don't get in fights. We just punch people and walk away. Maybe we yell a little bit. Who knows?
»chris ||  1/5/2005 ||  11:09:06 AM
Hoorah for all black baby clothes!
»liz ||  1/5/2005 ||  11:45:39 AM
book version of happyrobot? hells YEAH. Sounds good. oh, and b.t.w., I have seen some sucky TV so I will try to contribute.
»victoria ||  1/5/2005 ||  1:08:44 PM
fuck happyrobot: the book. I want happyrobot: the movie.
»cryfok ||  1/5/2005 ||  2:14:46 PM
Heather Havrilesky at does some great, great t.v. reviews, she can direct you to the t.v. you will most enjoy hating and loving (and hating yourself while you love it- etc.). Heather's got tiVo and isn't afraid to use it.
With "T.V. Sucks" is it ok to write about shows we enjoy? . . . so that the column title "T.V. Sucks" works as a disclaimer, acknowledging it's terribly wrong- but you know (for example) "Project Runway"- (yet another reality t.v. show comes on Bravo) is strangley engrossing and they're airing a new one tonight and I'm looking forward to it, mmmm something like six hours before it comes on?
»anne ||  1/5/2005 ||  2:32:52 PM
re: cool uncle

I too look forward to being a 'cool aunt' to jungle and other kristen's kid. It's funny how you connect only with certain kids like you do with certain people. Like g. carlin says 'a whole lot of losers'. come visit
»kristen ||  1/28/2005 ||  2:13:14 PM
I think the baby tee shirt "you're all characters in my next novella". "I'm judgeing you", and "I'm absorbing everything you do and say" ... and tiny silk oriental clothes...
»miss martin ||  1/28/2005 ||  2:15:48 PM

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