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Welcome little stinkers!

happyrobot is as effective as floss at fighting plaque and gingivitis.

HB Adina

Happy birthday Adina!
She's a special robot - to the point that I have written 7 sentences about her contribution to the site and erased them for fear that they sounded hokey.
How about this: Next time you are in Brooklyn, I'll buy a lot of rounds.

Holy Crap! I'm an uncle!
My little brother's wife had one of them babies Sunday morning. I spoke to him Sunday morning and he was happy, but in that zombie no-sleep way you are when you wife just had a baby and you can barely function and you are on your way to your house to let out your two dogs who have been locked up for almost 12 hours and have most likely poo'd and/or pee'd on your carpet.

We don't have a photo of the new baby yet, but I imagine if we did it would something like this:

Thanks happy birthday robots!
Damn. I am so old now.
You might as well stop reading this because all I want to talk about is Geritol, social security, and how disrespectful the local teens are.

Birthday! You make me old.

But, right. Thanks to all sent greetings and goodies. I went out for fish tacos Thursday night, but tragically they weren't serving them that night. After crying, I then ordered something else.
People showed up, drinks were drank, foods were eaten, and good times were had.

Congrats again
To Mr. Film & TV rights and his lovely wife! The fact their baby son was born on my birthday is pretty cool as well.
Welcome to the world little stinker!

Saturday: It's all about me
That day started off on a good foot when Mrs. Robot informed me that she wanted waffles for breakfast. Rock!
We then spent the day running around the city shopping and looking at things and dodging tourists.

You call that sexy
What is sexy: waffles
What is sexier: eggs & waffles

Five for five
We ended up in Soho and stopped into Vintage New York (Broome and Wooster St) which is a wine shop that only sells NY state wines. It's an awesome shop and features a bar with a tasting deal: $5 gets you tastes of five different wines.
The selection is, I believe, every wine they sell and featured reds, whites, sparkling, ice wines, and the crazy native grape wines - the ice wines were amazing, btw. I totally recommend dropping by for their tasting deal.

Speaking of wine
holy cowI got lots of cool books and DVDs and sweaters from friends and family, but I also got a giant bottle of wine - as seen in the photo next to a normal sized bottle. It's pretty cool and if any of you throw a dinner party and invite me, there is a good chance that bottle of wine may show up.
(It's cabernet sauvignon in case you want to plan a menu around it)

Dinner Party
OK, on that note, we need more dinner parties. We don't have the space for it, so someone else will have to host.
But, we need more.

Cheers to HonkyCracker
Mr. HC rounded up some folks for drinks Saturday night - cheers to him. It was a swell time, although a good part of it was laughing at Magician, the bar on the LES that we used to always go to that has now become Birthday Central.
No, really. It is nuts there. The placed was packed to the point of not being able to get to the bar or bathroom and filled with folks carrying gift bags of gifts and baked goods.
"Happy Birthday!" people exclaimed over and over again.
It's funny.

Granted, we were there for a website anniversary drink, which is a birthday party - but there were no balloons involved.

Happy Robot Spelling
Stu brought a nice young lady with him to the party. I was introduced to her as the guy that runs happyrobot and she instantly said something to the effect of, "oh, you're the person who hates it when people write happyrobot as two words."
I replied yes.

That was funny.

Thanks for comin', Uncle Rich.

I'm glad we all got together for a beverage or two. You're right, Magician has gotten a little out of control. But still. Good people, good times. Go Happy Robot.

And congrats on becoming an uncle! Unfortunately, I couldn't order you some Geritol on Amazon.
»chris ||  2/7/2005 ||  12:10:29 AM
happyrobot! I meant "happyrobot"! Oneword! What's wrong with me? I've been here almost three years now!

(bangs head against wall... stupid STUPID Honkycracker! :) )
»chris ||  2/7/2005 ||  12:37:19 AM
Good things happen on your birthday. I got engaged!
»liz ||  2/7/2005 ||  10:43:32 AM
thanks for the wishes and the seven sentences! I will take you up on those rounds, to be sure!
»pony ||  2/7/2005 ||  10:55:59 AM
Congrats on the engagement Liz!
»mrs. robot ||  2/7/2005 ||  11:39:18 PM
Engaged? I didn't even know you were sick...Congratulatoins Liz!
»pat ||  2/9/2005 ||  5:15:42 PM

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