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Six Years? Birthdays? How did this happen?

Another year?
It's odd how you get older and older as time goes on - as if you have no control of it. Is it me, or does it seem like every year we seem to get older?
I'm not sure I like any of this.

happyrobot is six years old today.
Seven if you count the pre-domain name year before that.
Six years.
I stayed home from work and launched the site in 1999 and it's been a fun ride ever since.

Big Thanks!
Once again, thanks to all the robot folks for continued support! Everyone rocks. Special shout-outs to MattyJ, Liz, Lisa, and Adina who are like the old guard here (but in the good way, and by "good" I mean "sexy").
Thanks to Mrs. Robot for thinking my little hobby is cute and for tolerating it.

Happy Birthday Erik!!

Notable birthdays of the past
(or "Birthdays that weren't really notable because I am realizing that most of my birthdays are really non-eventful")

The birthday where I got the Kenny Rogers 45: Well, that was basically the gist right there. A friend, a really good friend, gave me a Kenny Rogers record. I remember thinking, "Dude, his so my friend and I am glad he's here and we are all having fun - but he just gave me a Kenny Rogers record"
(coward of the county)

The one where I got the clock radio and loved it so much that I slept with the clock radio: I was young, like 23 or 24 (I'll be here all week). But, yea, I was young and I happened to have a stomach flu on my birthday (dang!) and my parents gave me this high-tech clock radio with a temperature sensor on it. I climbed back in bed with it and the instruction manual and fell asleep with it. Parents thought it was cute I imagine.

The birthday where I invited a girl: Even though I've always been super girl-friendly - I never invited girls to my birthday party. I don't know why.
When I was a teen and was dating the "high school girlfriend" - I invited her and my best pal (who gave me that damn Kenny Rogers record by the way) to dinner on my birthday. I think my parents were thinking, "Oh, a girl!".
I can remember where the restaurant was, but for the life of me I can't recall anything else about it.

The birthday during college where I made the birthday party invites with a big illustration of a penis on them: I think I mentioned this last year. But it was a good party, and IMHO, a pretty sweet invite.

The one with gen-x surprise party where I got sick: It sounds like I get sick all the time or something, eh? Ms. Robot fixed a nice dinner and afterwards people just started showing up - like a reverse surprise party. It was fun and all, but I suddenly got really ill and spent the evening asleep in the bedroom. I think Mitch came in and made fun of me.

The one where my mom decorated my birthday cake with a green Oldsmobile because I thought our new green Oldsmobile was really cool: Well, I was young - and the car was green, which is something.
I liked the color green.

Welcome back!
A spider is crawling down my wall - it's the first spider I have seen since the great baby spider massacre of 2001.
Welcome back guys!

rich! happy birthday! hope you get a great clock radio and a green oldsmobile cake! and i hope you don't get sick!
»lisa ||  2/3/2005 ||  8:30:26 AM
Happy Birthday Rich! Eat lots of pad thai and chocolate cake. Congratulations on the 6th year of the coolest website ever!!! :)
»victoria ||  2/3/2005 ||  8:55:56 AM
Happy birthday. I thought the only person who ever brought a clock radio to bed was Mr. Xls. tiny world!
»qdog ||  2/3/2005 ||  9:14:09 AM
hap-hap-happy birthday! thanks for all the roboty goodness!
»liz ||  2/3/2005 ||  10:13:08 AM
happy birthday, Rich! The world is a safer place since you invaded the internet.
»pony ||  2/3/2005 ||  10:18:57 AM
It's been said a couple of times already, but Happy Birthday! If you worked at my company, you would now be fully vested.
»michele ||  url || 2/3/2005 ||  10:34:06 AM
You get a vest after six years? Awesome!
»:r ||  2/3/2005 ||  11:12:10 AM
thank you father robot and mother robot for making rich robot. He is very very fabulous. I remember you deciding on the haprob from my/our study in our henry st apt. awhhhhh. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. The placemats have a great birthday song, but it's for a girl, but hey.
»kristen ||  2/3/2005 ||  12:27:30 PM
happy birthday rich! happy birthday little robot! you both seem to be growing up so fast, and are both so charming and attractive, here's to many many more xox e.
»elanamatic ||  2/3/2005 ||  1:13:37 PM
don't forget the spanking machine! never forget the spanking machine.
»kristen ||  2/3/2005 ||  1:32:06 PM
six years. That means you have to replace the "5 years" thing on the splash page. When did I start writing about kicking MJ's balls?

Happy Birthday. I can honestly say that Happyrobot actually helped me get through this deployment. Thanks for that.
»pat ||  2/3/2005 ||  7:48:27 PM
...but I thought I would have gotten a note in the "big thanks" part - with all the publicity I have brought to the site from around the world...but Noooooooo...
I blame Matt Johnson for this. He continues to ruin my life. Someday, he will pay for all he has done to me - some day...
»pat ||  2/3/2005 ||  7:49:55 PM
Happy Birthday Rich! you and the robot RAWK!
»k ||  2/4/2005 ||  12:00:28 AM
Hey, what happened to Solstice!!! I miss my best source of schadenfreude!
»ovum ||  2/4/2005 ||  5:49:15 PM

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