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Dear 1988 Me

Dear 1988 Me,

You know what is funny? In high school, you are all freaked out with leaving high school and all your good friends. You are all freaked out by having / not-having a girlfriend.
After a few years, your group of friends from high school dwindled to a hand-full.
Funny how that happens.

If I could tell you who you would keep track off post-high school, you would find it funny. Or maybe not. Yea, actually, maybe not. The ones you are still in touch with are good quality peeps.

George of course. I mean, you guys have known each other since you were six. Now he travels the world laying telecommunications cables in the ocean (it's a computer thing).

Becky. Known here since 8th grade. Gone through lots of teenage drama with her.
Joel. Kind of. Although he didn't show up at your wedding.
Nicole. Emails once a year or so.
Sarah moved into your parent's neighborhood, had a baby, and is now friends with your mom (yea, I know).
Laura sent you pictures of her new baby.
Susan was in NYC (where you live - no joke) and you had dinner with her.

Who else. Crap. I bet I forgot someone and then will get an angry email later. And then Future Me will have to apologize and tell that person how great they are and that they should really see each other next time they are in town.

Oh, and Future You works in computers. Yea, computers, like that damn commodore 64 in the living room. So, not to blow your mind, but computer shit now is dope and fly. Your head would spin. Seriously.
(BTW, don't forget to take that Pascal class).

Oh, and Future You got married and, um, you know.. um.
Yea, all the time.
It's awesome.
She's nice. You will meet her in a few years, and amazingly you will be a jerk to her.

Her: "Rich? Ah, like Richie Rich?"
Future You: "Yea, Like I never heard that before *smirk*"

Yea, pretty snot-nosed, eh? Somehow she will let you kiss her and marry her a decade or so later.

OK, so in college, do the following:
1. Take a business course or two. That could come in handy.

2. Read up on how to use the stock market. I'll send you a list later on who to invest in (ok, here's one: Krispy Kreme. Yea, no shit, the donut guys).

3. The art classes aren't that important. Future You still can't draw. Take the photography stuff pronto, though.

4. Don't get a credit card.

5. Buy the Nirvana album 'Bleach' and tell all your friends that this shit will be huge very soon. Try to involve the betting of money in this.

See you. Have fun.

very nice
»a ||  11/5/2002 ||  10:17:50 AM
Get your damn hands off her, Biff.
»matthew ||  11/5/2002 ||  10:18:55 AM
Teenage drama?
How about adult drama?
Did I happen to mention I am
Time for a new chapter.
»bec ||  11/5/2002 ||  10:51:15 AM
You are preggers?!!! what the hell!
(um, why is everything in bold today)
»r ||  11/5/2002 ||  11:23:24 AM
So, what happens now if 1988 you starts to do things differently? Uhh oh . . . I have vertigo.
»klutchxls ||  11/5/2002 ||  11:30:43 AM
if that happens, this website will begin to fade away gradually.
»r ||  11/5/2002 ||  11:32:16 AM
Becky babies, how cool! Congrats!
»reba ||  11/5/2002 ||  12:19:28 PM
So being snoty and snide IS the way to win the ladies! Thanks for the advice, Future Rich.
Gotta run. Don't wanna miss Family Ties.
»chris ||  11/5/2002 ||  1:36:13 PM
nicely done, might have to compose one of these mentally for kicks...reminder to self, play more pong...
»nster ||  11/5/2002 ||  3:35:23 PM
1988... let's see, i had moved in with my ex and working. i should probably write a letter to my 1986 self instead.
»liz ||  11/5/2002 ||  3:46:42 PM

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