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baby spiders walking on the ceiling

oh look, he's got a buddy
there we are on the bed staring at the ceiling when i see a spider. "look, a spider", i say. this is really not a big deal because we see spiders a lot on the ceiling. they hang out on the ceiling, eat bugs, and leave us alone... we are all happy. our bedroom is a little utopian spider-human-cat ecosystem.

but this night is different.

"oh look, he's got a buddy", i say.

this, too is not unusual. i have seen 2 spiders on many occasions.

"hey, look. there's another", i say. and then it occurs to me, there are quite a few spiders.

we both stand on the bed and realize that something is going on... there are a bunch of tiny spiders walking around on our ceiling.

"um, this is weird"

now, i do like spiders. they eat bugs and don't bother me. but this was a little too many. i get a rag out and kill a couple.
and every time i kill one, i see 2 or three more. there are a bunch of spiders on the ceiling.
so, i squash a good number of them, and then leave the room and tell myself not to look up when i finally go to bed.

the next day i bring out the vacuum and vacuum the ceiling.
so, what is up with these spiders? and why do they only hang out on the ceiling?

saturday, we went to the Siren Music Festival at Coney Island. It was pretty neat to see a bunch a bands playing in the coney island amusement park, and it was a beautiful day. we got there in time to see superchunk who were then followed by guided by voices. both were awesome, except that it was so crowded that we could only barely see either.

after gbv, we went for a walk on the boardwalk and the beach. the beach at coney island has to be the grossest place on this earth. piles of trash on the beach every 10 feet... it's a mess. we walked to the water and watched these kids playing in the surf among about 12 empty bottles of beer and various fast food wrappers... it was a disturbing sight to see.

coney island is a huge mess. people who visit there don't seem to understand that trash goes in the trash can (even though the trash cans are spilling out on to the beach because they are so full).
damn litterbugs.

ok, this morning, i had one of the best iced coffees i have ever had in my dang life.. i went to the Mud Truck parked at astor place and ordered a vanilla ice coffee with milk. the people who ran it were really nice (translate: they were foxy girlies) and the price was right. i walked away thinking, "wow, that was a pleasant experience. i hope the coffee is good"
damn good coffee!
so good that it didn't really phase me when the drunk old man leaning in the cab window called me a 'f*cking bastard' when i didn't give him any change.
good golly, that was some good coffee.

shout out to OMJ and his DSL.

this just in!!!!!
David Willems of Palaver fame has a little 'diary entry' in the new york times. cool!

pope-a bored by dubya?

the same thing is happening to me right now. in fact i googled "baby spiders dangling from my ceiling" and i found this website. (which i have no idea what this website is even about) anyways...
there are like 15 baby spiders on my cieling its disgusting. i dont know how to get rid of them.
let me know if you do. ha ha.
»ihatespiders ||  7/8/2006 ||  1:32:27 AM
Hire some zombies. They'll eat those spider's brains. It's fun.
»chris ||  7/8/2006 ||  1:58:13 AM

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