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monkey mountain

Federal Bureau of Jesus
our good pal scott sent me this link. Revised Lyrics: Christian lyrics that can be sung to popular tunes.
my favorites have to be

Hey! Hey! We're not Monkeys!
Smells like Holy Spirit

my band's name (if i had a band) and we played all the songs on that website: federal bureau of jesus

who's your daddy?

so, for any of you interested in how our spider rearing is going, here is a report from the wife :

Little baby Charles just ran across my keyboard. I told him to stay in the web with his brothers and sisters.
He never listens.
Great- now he just went into the keyboard Goodbye baby Charles.

Ding Dong
next to badtz-maru (the naughty penguin), doraemon (the cat like robot) is my favorite sanrio character.
this morning i was working on some "code" (as they call it) and i kept making dumbass stupid mistakes and kept pounding my desk while muttering "i am such a ding dong".
taiwai told me that in hong kong, doraemon is nicknamed "ding dong".

Monkey Mountain
did i also mention that in hong kong they have monkeys that live on a mountain!? why didn't anyone tell me this? taiwai told me that when he was young, he had gone on a school trip to this mountain and one of his friends pretended to run up and stomp on a monkey.
well, the other monkeys didn't think this was funny, so they all jumped out of the trees and surrounded the kid and did their monkey screeching thing.
dumb monkey stomping kid.
so, i ask taiwai what the name of this mountain is and he replies, "well, everyone calls it Monkey Mountain"
Monkey Mountain!!
here is a story about how the monkeys are getting too fat
and here are some pics of monkeys on monkey mountain

last taiwai related news...
taiwai's honeymoon pics are up. you should check them out even if you don't know him.. the whole little photo gallery thing he built is amazing.

ok, last thing. if you have a web enabled phone, check out either
or if that doesn't work try
this is my first try at cell phone content of happyrobot. if you get it to work (or not) i'd love it if you'd drop me a line and let me know:
-what kind of phone you have + service (sprint, at&t...)
-where you are (usa, europe, canada...)
-and any thoughts about what other happyrobot stuff would be cool on a cell phone

that would be awesome. you can use the contact page if you like.


Monkey Mountain P.S.
i asked ronald about Monkey Mountain...

----- Original Message -----
From: Ronald
To: happyrobot
Sent: Friday, July 27, 2001 5:23 PM
Subject: Re: Monkey Mountain

Yes, it is true. But I am too scared to go, there's too many of them!!!
Actually I might have been there when I was young, but I don't remember
I heard the monkeys are very naughty though, like you. But I don't think
they drink ...

>taiwai told me that in HK there is a mountain that people call MONKEY
>and it has monkeys on it.
>have you been?
>how are the monkeys?

»hoho ||  1/22/2004 ||  4:59:22 PM

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