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Regarding Monkey Mountain : a poem

Monkey Mountain
the last journal entry ended with an email from my pal ronald about monkey mountain. after rereading it, i thought it would make a great poem if formatted differently.

Regarding Monkey Mountain : a poem
by Ronald

Yes, it is true.
But I am too scared to go
there's too many
of them.

Actually I might have been there
when I was young,
but I don't remember

I heard the monkeys are very naughty though,
like you.

But I don't think

i don't update the robot journal and i am called bad words and shunned from proper society. well. fine. i just won't share anything with you. i'll just talk about the weather, which i might add, is gor-juss here in the big-stink-city. i kept waiting for it to get miserable and icky, but so far so good. viva weather!

ok, i'll share.

Congratulations, Canada
first. this is a great article about canadians making fun of americans because americans don't seem to know anything about canada.

"Congratulations, Canada, for getting a McDonald's," says one man in New York City.
"Congratulations, Canada, on 800 miles of paved road!" says another New Yorker.

real audio interview w/ this rick mercer fellow. includes great clip of when he fooled george bush.
another article
one more

Say no to H2O
secondly, the coca-cola site has a great story about their effort to get people from ordering water at restaurants... you know, because water doesn't have the profit margin and addictive caffeine quality like out good friend soda. actual quote from their site:
Water. It's necessary to sustain life, but to many Casual Dining restaurant chains it contributes to a dull dining experience for the customer.
read it for yourself

thirdly, there is a great TheSmokingGun feature about offensive personalized license plates. 4NIKATE!

good golly

Ghost World
we went and saw Ghost World the other night. have you seen it? i am not sure i liked it. john lawton and matt both really liked it, but i couldn't wait until it was over. maybe i am a "crazy person" or something. before the movie, we walked around soho and looked in windows. late sunday night is a nice time to wander through this city and as we were approaching the theatre, Lou Reed was crossing the street. i swear to you, he looked right at me... the same way you look at a poo-covered crazy person, but still, he looked right at me.
i wanted to stop and say something like, "dude, i made out a whole bunch while listenning to your band"
i mean, he's kind of dorky now, but the VU was one of the greatest of all time.
have you used this? it's the closest thing to napster i have found. i have been using bearShare and LimeWire, but audiogalaxy is working much better. (although i just read that it has a spyware element to it and all these other horror stories from C|Net)

one weird thing i realized about myself this weekend: i got lots of shoes

another episode of scott's clean joke fun corner:

this woman had twins and put them up for adoption. one ended up in spain and the other ended up egypt the one in spain was named juan and the one in eqypt was named ahmal eventually, juan found his mother and sent her a photograph and the mother told her husband "it was so wonderful to finally hear from one of my babies"
"i wish ahmal would send a photo!"
and her husband said " but they're twins, if you've seen Juan, you've seen Ahmal"

Last week while on the R train, i had one of those conductors who tells you the history of every stop. no one else seemed to care, but i thought it was pretty cool.

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