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our pals derek+rachelle had one of them babies this past sunday. it sounds like everything went hunky dory and the baby is doing good. congrats to them.

on that note, i know what i am NOT getting them as a baby gift. i am not getting them the popular child rearing book that so many parents here in nyc seem to own. i don't know the title of this book, but the gist is something about constantly yelling profanity at your kids. this is the book that has popularized such classics as "shut yer f*cking mouth" and "sit your goddammed ass down"

while i am dissing my fellow new yorkers, let me add, people here in nyc are still some of the biggest litter bugs ever. everyday i see some idiot walking to the subway and right before they get on the train they throw their fast food cup / wrapper / used diaper on the ground. the most depressing thing is seeing young kids doing this... you'd think they'd know better from stupid HOOT-HOOT Don't Pollute campaigns in their school.
is it illegal to shoot people who are littering? i am going to look into that.

That's called your cock-ring number.
we saw this show a month or two ago starring matt besser, who was in the upright citizens brigade show on comedy central. the show is called MAY I HELP YOU DUMBASS, and salon has a awesome article about him that you should check out because it's funny. FUNNY!

PS1 has a some nice stuff there. you should hop over to queens to check it out. there are two noteworthy things there right now:
ashkan sahihi gets normal people high
check out the site about this photography project. i think this is one of the coolest ideas i have seen in a while

also, you must see Needle Woman. it is pretty amazing, but i won't give too much away. just go.

dude. it's really hot here now. ick!

hey, i did a re-design of the naked babies website. what do you think?

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