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Letter to Adina

dear adina,
i am very happy to hear that you got a job.
it is quite hot here in nyc. i am not sure if there is anything hotter than standing on the northwest corner of 23rd street in the sun next to an idling bus. the heat is amazing, and i realize that this is a cliche, but it's like a sauna. it completely envelops you and you feel every pore opening up trying to breathe (i don't actually know if pores do that).

i feel bad for our kitty... she just lays around and looks miserable even though the AC is on.

we are going to the beach soon though! (dear sharks, i do not taste very good. in fact, i am very bony and gamey. i am pretty sure that my flesh and meat would give you heartburn, and you certainly wouldn't want that. so, if i was you, i'd avoid eating me.)

i so love the beach. in a past life i may of been a crab.

the newest email in my inbox has this subject line : Trainee Status Report for Preventing Workplace Harassment

matt of WWMJD is in texas this week. and today is lisa's birthday! happy birthday dear lisa may!

i can't seem to shut up about PS1 today. the big exhibit there right now (or at least the one we went to see) is the whole japanese design thing. part of it has a lot of cool tech stuff which was lots of fun to play with. what totally shocked me was their cell phones. good golly! people in japan must be looking at our cell phones like we are all some sort of retro freaks.
the ones we saw were the DoCoMo ones and from what i read they are fairly common and not some new cool pre-production models. the difference between these phones and what we have in the US is amazing. it's like the difference between my old commodre64 and my current windows2000 machine. or the palm pilot and the pocketPC (forgetting the PocketPC's habit of crashing). the displays on these phones are full color with graphics and animations, and about 6-10 lines of text depending on the size. and to add insult to injury, they are super light weight.

to sum up...
americans: news flash, our phones suck

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