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Anyone seen using hard drugs

Hopefully not a sign of something, but Saturday morning we wake up and there is this goofy sign in our buildings lobby that says

Anyone seen using hard drugs
will be reported to the NYPD

Of course this means that for the rest of the weekend we keep loudly talking about "hard drugs". I keep wondering what the dealio is with the sign though... I wish they would of included some information as to why they had to post this, and if someone was doing hard drugs, what kind? What kind of drugs are the kids doing these days?

I wanted to amend the sign to include people who's 3 kids run around screaming at each other so loud that I can hear them over the AC with the windows closed. Or to state that it's probably illegal to pee in the breezeway. Or that leaving your laundry hanging on the clothes line for 1 week is a bit too long.

I need to buy a printer. anyone bought one that was easy to network with a mac and a pc? any thoughts on what to avoid?

Have you been reading McSweeneys this past week? There were two really great articles.

this one is on the front page now, but if you check it later, you may need to scroll down to the archives to find it.

did you see this picture? it's distrubing.

I went out for thai with brian and our pals bo+jill. Jill is "with child". It was a great dinner, but when I got home, my stomach decided it didn't like the dinner and kicked my ass. Basically. Bo+Jill were hanging out and I basically had to say 'I am about to get really sick, you might want to sca-daddle'. I am sure they will remember this as the 'time we watched the simpsons and then rich got really sick' night.

Is the song 'alice's restaurant' cool? I bet it's not, but it makes me laugh.

The wife and I started sending each other fake porn spam the other day. She pretty much won with this one:

Do you like old, Tired, PUSSY? We have the orneriest sluts on the Internet! These geezer sluts are waiting to make your dick hard.


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