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I love cobras

To continue my cobra adventure (see the last post for background), i come home friday night and plop on the couch and turn on the tv, and naturally the first thing on is a national geographic documentary about the king cobra. you know, cobras are pretty cool as far as snakes go.

look at the facts:
- they have a cool angular head (when not doing that cobra thing)

- the females make these big nests

- the young ones are just really cute

- their vemon can kill things real fast

- that whole thing where they fight with mongooses

- when they do that 'cobra thing', they can rise really far off the ground.

there you go... it's official: happyrobot world industries salutes our cobra brothers and sisters. if you would like to learn more about king cobras, you can visit your local library.

30 Minutes
speaking of cobras, the people at King Cobra beer are running this new campaign which employs these painfully stupid posters that are currently all over the NYC subway system stations. the whole gist is that the cans have a sticker on them that you peel off and win something, but you really wouldn't know it from the poster. it has this kinda funky (funky... in the bad way) looking girl who we assume to be nude, standing behind a king cobra 'label'. the poster says "there may be something for you behind my label"... and then at the bottom it says "30 minutes lasts so long".

the other night, lawton, eric and i were discussing what the hell that meant. the '30 minutes' line was vaguely sexual, but also didn't make any sense (i mean, let's be honest, you can do a lot in 30 minutes). well, i knew at this point i had to go look on that 'internet' that all the kids like to find the answer to my question.

King Cobra's unique behind-the-label program is back for 2001 with long distance phone time to keep you connected. Here's how it works: King Cobra consumers can instantly win on specially-marked 22-, 32- and 40-oz. bottles. Enjoy a smooth King Cobra, then look behind the empty bottle for a winning message and 1-800#. You will instantly win 30 minutes of long distance phone time from Telenations when you call in and receive a pin number. source

so, there you go. my subway rides will be much less puzzling.

hey. here is a funny movie starring a cow
thanks natester

here's to eric willhelm. he had the fine idea to stay up all night saturday and watch them blow up these towers in brooklyn (full article w/ movie). well, we did. and it was a fun time and the towers came crashing down and we all cheered.

you know, i haven't stayed up all night for a while. the last time i did was when i hooked up a tape deck to my computer and was copying a bunch of my old cassette tapes. i was having fun and listening to all this funny stuff i made back in the day, and then happened to glance out the window and see the sun coming up. D'oh!

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