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the last 15 hours i have seen/ate/drank the following

the last 15 hours i have seen/ate/drank the following:

i saw a man escape from a straight jacket. i told rachel and at first she thought, "was he a crazy person?". no, silly, he was a magician in Union Square.

i ate some tortellini (turtle wienies), asparagus, a cherry tomato, and a roll with jelly

i saw these four women on the bus. they were obviously tourists and all of them had bags from the either the CBS store, or the NBC store... full of TV merchandise. i thought that was really sad/sick.

i saw a woman with her three kids. they were young, maybe ages 3-7 (it's hard to tell). it was 'breakfast time' and they each had their breakfast. one girl had a can of pringles potato chips (wiping the grease on the subway seat). her sister had a huge (bigger than her head almost) cream filled doughnut with icing and sprinkles on it. this was there breakfast and i thought that was kinda sad... all that sugar and crap first thing in the morning. i hope they don't become fatties.

i drank one anchorsteam beer, one ice coffee with milk, and about 4 glasses of water.


this is a great story Elderly Man Licking Wounds After Cat Attack. the great part is the last sentence : It is not known why Daigle was giving his parrot a shower.

Gerard Daigle, 80, lost a pint of blood and required stitches after his cat Touti, a diminutive roughly meaning Tiny, launched a frenzied attack after Daigle, who was giving his pet parrot a shower, inadvertently sprayed the cat with water.
"I have never seen anything like this in all my career," said Guy Theriault, an animal control officer at the Society for the Protection of Animals in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, half way between Montreal and Quebec City.

"It was a real carnage: there was blood all over the place on the the ceiling, the floor and the walls. The cat was really traumatized by the water," Theriault added.

Cat Had a 'Troubled Past'

He said the cat has since been euthanized and had had a troubled past.

Daigle, who lives in Trois-Rivieres, could not be reached for comment Thursday.

The animal control officer said Daigle was saved by his 81-year-old wife who wrestled the cat away, only to have it turn on her.

"The cat wanted to eat her, too," one newspaper quoted Daigle as saying.

The couple managed to chase the cat into the bedroom and slam the door. Police responded in force because they thought they were dealing with a domestic emergency.

It is not known why Daigle was giving his parrot a shower.


damn radio!
so this morning i am super tired and hit the snooze alarm instead of getting up. this invariably means that i will sleep with the npr news on which always means that i will have some weird dream about slobodan milosevic or something.
so i had this crazy dream about a cobra slithering around our apartment and causing mayhem... it was really disturbing. when i woke up i was a little freaked out. then i found it out it was because of a damn news story...

hear it here

Missing Cobra
The residents of Moody, Alabama, are not unfamiliar with snakes. However, one lost pet, an African Spitting Cobra, has everyone in town concerned. WBHM's Ben Philpott reports on efforts by citizens to catch the snake without getting on the bad side of its fangs. (3:40)

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