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Hard to Find Tools

Dear Dairy,
If I was a child, I would refer to my diary as "dairy" just to worry my parents.

I haven't written in a while because I don't have much to say. There's nothing in there except guts... and black stuff... and about fifty Slim Jims. A lot of it has to do with the fact that I am busy at cubicle-world with all the merging and all the acquisitioning.

This morning was all discombobulating
My train was wonky and I ended up jumping on another line that I don't ride that often and through one part of the trip the train was really leaning.
Passengers were trading glances as if to say, "this train is really leaning to one side - want to make out?"

Traffic was weird as well. The streets I normally cross were very busy - it may have something to do with the wonky train lines.

There were packs of high school kids everywhere. In my three-block walk to work, I ran into one pack per block.
They weren't from the same countries.

There were people on every corner passing out flowers and holding signs that said, "I'm single - are you?". The signs were advertisements for that new show with Uncle Jesse.

At the deli as I was trying to order my breakfast, there seemed to be an inordinate amount of people who didn't know the system for ordering.
Granted, there is usually one or two befuddled people there everyday, but this time it seemed like no one there knew that you ordered there and then you stood there.

"Get out of my way!! I need my coffee from the nice main from Malaysia!"

This discombobulation continued to my desk where I had two conference calls where issues and problems were solved amazingly quickly. I had allotted one hour for each call and after ten minutes it was all, "Well, that solves that".
It was suspiciously agreeable.
They must want something.

I did have a nice cup of coffee after lunch with my co-worker Mike.

Hi Baby
I did meet my new nephew last weekend. He's a cutie - I think he looks a lot like Wallace Shawn. This was something I immediately regretted saying but was saved by the fact that his parents didn't know who Wallace Shawn is.
But he does. He looks like curmudgeonly old man.
Photos soon!

I like to try new and interesting food but I don't think I will ever knowingly agree to eat brains.
Unless I am a zombie.

that was awesome

You got one of them Tivos? You like it?
This is what concerns me and is what is stopping me from spending my amazing bonus I just from work (and by amazing, I mean, the pre-tax was amazing, but the after-tax stinks): these Tivos and DVRs apparently degrade your picture quality a good bit - which is something to consider when digital cable's quality is so lame and lossy to begin with.

No, shut up. Digital cable sucks. Everywhere.
I guess we are trading picture quality for the chance to have 1,000 channels of makeover shows.

Don't forget Star Wars
Oh, I won't. I suffered through the last of an episode of the OC and watched the latest SW trailer. After it was over, I think I declared, "This looks super cool!" or something.

You know, if you go back and look at the trailer for the Phantom Menace... that looked pretty cool as far as trailers go.
I suppose Lucas is really good about making his trailers look really good when the movie itself is dumb.

"Considered. Un. Natural."

Magazines that we get at work
That's my next project - I am going to catalog them all. We get a lot.
My favorite so far: Hard to Find Tools

We had dinner last night at Grocery with old roommate Mike and his lovely nominated for three Emmys wife Erin.
It was all delovely.
Nothing like uber-fancy late dinners on Tuesday night.

Admit it, even if the trailer looked like crap, you'd still see it.

Trust me, it'll suck. But we'll always have the trailer.
»george lucas ||  3/16/2005 ||  3:13:53 PM
tivo/dvr: fast forward past all commercials. that is a rocking feature.
»n8 ||  3/16/2005 ||  3:47:14 PM
When you said "Uncle Jesse" I thought you meant from the Dukes of Hazzard! I am sorely dissapointed.
»matty j ||  3/16/2005 ||  4:10:59 PM
i was on the denver pyle train of thought as well. he is perfect for singles. "look at me. marry or else!"

»blaine ||  3/16/2005 ||  4:24:58 PM
but getting back to fake star wars 3, I thought it already came out---Luke and Leia's Mom becomes a stripper, Anakin hooks up with Julia Roberts. Oh wait. That was Closer. Sorry.
»jen ||  3/16/2005 ||  5:19:54 PM
Now, 'hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy" THAT I'm excited about....
»kristen ||  3/16/2005 ||  6:24:15 PM
at this point in my life, I would sooner pay for cocaine than cable.

I will now step off the soapbox and fall on my nose.
»kristen ||  3/16/2005 ||  6:26:24 PM
kristen... you *pay* for cable? all of us "married to media" types can write that shit off.
»:r ||  3/16/2005 ||  9:14:49 PM
rich - much against my pleas of 'no no no'... mark plugged in our cable thingy to our tv, and we gets it for free.

I'm a recovering addict. (only for research purposes)
»kristen ||  3/16/2005 ||  9:37:03 PM
a baby that looks like Wallace Shawn - INCONCEIVABLE!
»k ||  3/17/2005 ||  12:14:47 AM
Rich, Star Wars 3 is going to rock. It is. Believe me.
»chris ||  3/17/2005 ||  8:53:04 AM

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