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The delete button - perfect for deleting things

I'm your man
To all those fellas who are queing up for my wife's hand if I suddenly fall prey to a polar bear attack or pack of angry teens here's what not to do with my lovely wife.

Dig if you will the picture
Mrs. Robot wanted to go to Oznots for her birthday dinner. Eric & Big Belly Reber were going to meet us there. We were sitting at the bar, chatting.. drinking wine.. waiting for E&R.

Mrs. Robot tells me of this amazingly awesome/funny birthday cake party thing that her co-workers did for her. Basically, they all dressed up like this intern that used to work for her (he drove her nuts) and presented her with cupcakes.

She took a photo of it. It's a picture of her co-workers, all wearing this intern's specific "uniform" and the one in the middle is holding a box of cupcakes.
It was awesome.

She hands me the camera to look at the photo. I am laughing at the sheer brilliance and zooming in to look at the details and then, while trying to zoom around, I accidentally... somehow... end up on the menu item where you can delete the photo.

In my goofy mood, I somehow delete the photo.

I hand it back to her and say, "I think I just deleted the photo"

Holy crap I am an idiot
How this happened, I don't know. I think I was having some sort of manic, camera episode.

I then begin to apologize profusely, and because she's an angel (angel straight from heaven) she says it's ok.. it's not a big deal.
But, I am devastated.

I kept coming up with similar situations

"Oh, look, you found a photo of someone on the grassy knoll with a rifle. And it's Richard Nixon. Ooops. Deleted it."

"Wait! You went to a party and hung out with Burt Reynolds? Ooops"

"You took a photo of our cat walking on her hind legs and wearing a fez? Ooops."

What to do if you delete something that you didn't mean to
For real.

1. Beg forgiveness

2. Beat yourself up

3. Come up with funny alternatives for things that you could of deleted instead



6. When you get home, fire up your interweb machine and google something like, "I accidentally deleted a photo from my camera because I am a Douche bag".

7. Download AND buy the PhotoRescue program

8. Put your camera's card in your computer's card reading gizmo

9. Start up the program you just bought for $29, which is the cheapest amount of money anyone has ever spent to save their marriage.

10. Restore the photo because the program rocks.

11. Tell wife that her photo is back.

12. Promise to never do something that stupid again.

wow ... you are like a super photo hero of something
»k ||  3/10/2005 ||  12:14:43 AM
so let's see this picture Buchanan.

»jason ||  3/10/2005 ||  6:53:11 AM
yeah, bring the picture. and k's right. you are photo superhero, like some kind of benevolent Photonaut.
»n8 ||  3/10/2005 ||  6:55:24 AM
we're going to need to see that photo. Maybe put it on the main welcome screen.
»tim ||  3/10/2005 ||  8:30:20 AM
good save....can we see the uniform?
»qdog ||  3/10/2005 ||  8:45:19 AM
awesome save rich! and thanks for passing the photorescue info... i have some need of it myself.
»liz ||  3/10/2005 ||  9:30:58 AM
Have already bought the program.
Thanks "you super photo rescuer you"
»delete button junkie ||  3/10/2005 ||  10:42:29 AM
that is very cool! It reminds me of the time before i understood what "format disk" meant.
»pony ||  3/10/2005 ||  10:58:16 AM
Mrs. Robot's future husbands will never compare to you Rich. I hope my wife's future husbands take notice.
»jb ||  3/10/2005 ||  11:35:26 AM
Jumpy McCrackers your lucky that some geek made that technology available! - perhaps due to their own missed photographic evidence of gisele bundchen's hot bod on top of theirs... (my favorite supermodel will always be shalom harlow... where is she now? having gorgeous children? smoking opium in katmandu?)
»kristen ||  3/10/2005 ||  12:18:53 PM
20 points off my paper... not 'your' but "you're".
»kristen ||  3/10/2005 ||  12:28:07 PM
eek - rich! and after the whole airplane schedule debacle just a few months ago? i'm afraid you're getting a reputation with the mrs...
»lisa ||  3/10/2005 ||  1:47:32 PM
that's your baby's mama you are talking about.
»:r ||  3/10/2005 ||  8:37:44 PM

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