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We Love Rachel

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Happy Birthday Rachel.

Everyone loves Rachel (ms. robot iffin you didn't know).

Honestly, everyone does. Although I think she had a few backstabbers in the backstabbing boiler pot of wilmington, nc... those were not heard by me and only told to me by rachel.

ALSO, my co-worker at the film commission (oh the old dayz...) - when I was 'checking rachel out' - told me that she didn't know her but that Rachel was a very eccentric girl who carried a baby doll around with her everywhere (It's a story in itself...).

OTHER THAN THAT ancient history,

Rachel is the only person (and I have pondered this quite thoroughly in my brief mental prep for this ode)...

Rachel is the ONLY person about whom I have never heard anyone talk behind her back. This is amazing. We (all the clique and mark and I) have trashed everyone else we know. Even Eric W. (who is the SECOND most loved person I know) and Jane (who is in a tie with Eric.).

I remember Rachel in her wilder dayz. This is when i fell for rachel.
Nowadays, she is much more upstanding, and I'm sorry if you didn't know her then... (Not that she isn't TOTALLY FABULOUS now... it's just that if you had seen her, you would now know an even more complex rachel).

My first memory of Rachel you ask?

We lived in Wilmington. It was probably 1993 or '94. Rachel and I hung in slightly different circles but both haunted downtown.

It was Stemmermen's (of R.E.M. sitting on the floor fame). It was quarter night.

I pointed out this red-haired girl to kent, chuck, and steven.

She had/has charisma. She has flaming hair (and you know how I feel about that).

In those days rachel was more of a hipster looking person (before hipster was a word).

She had short hair and wore vintage glasses and dressed mostly in overalls and eccentric striped socks. She obviously had a joie de vivre.

I felt a kinship. Her pack was male - as was mine.

She was playing foosball. Apparently she's quite good. At the time, I pointed her out as a perfect example of jolie laide. She fascinated me.

After many sightings, we (my running posse) ended up at a party in the burbs (chip's for those in the know). It was one of those parties to which we were tenuously invited and debated going.

I was tipsy (weren't we all in those days). My crew was boring the tears out of me - posing and trying to talk cool. I had heard it all before and left (as is my frequent wont) to find fresher air.

Rachel was there. I went up to her and said "my friends are boring.
Can I talk to you?". Thus a lifelong friendship was born.... (I think Eric was next to her when I said this, but he is not memorable to me - just flaming haired rachel)...

From this point on, our crews sort of blended.

Rachel was fun. She was crazy. We have all (if you have known her for more than a year) seen the Leo - fire - balls out - rachel. Although i love her Pisces, sweet, polite, calming spiritual Rachel - DON'T get me wrong... coupled with her Sassy Rachel - she is a

LOVELY, sweet, fabulous, naughty, sassy, eccentric, SMART, BEAUTIFUL


I have been lucky enough to see her blossom. She is amazing. I am so lucky to know her. She has loved me when very few people have. She never makes it heavy. She always does just right. Rachel heals people. Rachel supports people. Have you noticed that rachel never talks about herself? She just lets you talk about yourself. She loves you.

She is beautiful without modifiers. It is apparent to me.

I know of two men who openly are in love with her (in addition to her robot) and would not cry if she and rich parted (not that the robot lovers ever will - sorry fellas).

I know of two or three men who will always carry a love for rachel in their hearts to their deathbed. This love is sort of a lady-of-the-lake love. Rachel is their light.

I'm sure there are more than I know of. Rachel (and Rich) have more friends than anyone I know. They are muchos fun to know.

Happy Birthday Rachel. I hope you get whatever you want.

- P.S. I am going to Sandra Bernhard's show on your birthday.

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