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Whilst I watched the icecaps melting: Kent and Wendi Wed Today

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Today, March 6th is Mothering Sunday.

Although later, kent was to become my very first shiny new soulmate, we started out as nemesis.

He was chuck's roommate in college. Chuck had never had a girlfriend before me (and may I put in that while chuck is not technically a soulmate, he is definitely the first of the other kind of man I attract: mindmate?). We were all 18, it was the first time that 'the girlfriend syndrome' entered many of their heads. As in Chuck wants to fuck his girlfriend more than hang out with us and practice with the band. Little did they know that I encouraged chuck to hang with his friends and practice with the band. These were things that I 'married'
him for in a sense.

This is about kent.

And me.

and others.

Just before our power struggles, kent and I ran into each other on the campus of UGA (huge campus). This was on the bridge overlooking our hallowed stadium (which I always liked because they buried the Uga's ((team mascot bulldogs)) to the side).

This was my very first magic thing with boyz. Kent said that he was experiencing deja vu (soooo jealous as I have never experienced this even now at 33 and counting). He asked if we had ever met before UGA.

Kent and I ruled the roost. We were the jefferson and byrd of our clique. We were smart. We were foxy. We were stong-willed when secure.

So when Spring Break rolled around our junior year, it was assumed that Kent and I would tear each other apart at such proximity. Kent and I scoffed at this - what drama from the underlings. So at the last minute, kent's rich, younger girlfriend (of the pantera record collection) didn't go.

The cast was chuck, mike, kent, and me.

We were headed to st. petersburg. We drank beer in the car on the way down.

Made it to longboat key at sunset (I think that was the name). After much struggle from the underlings, I got my way and we stayed at a pink motel with a giant pirate out front - called the Buccanneer. It had shuffleboard.

After shedding our twelvepacks (no pot useage for this clique until 29 ((except for mike)) ). and luggage, we all headed for the beach.

It is so magic that to this minute, I sigh.

The thickest fog I had ever seen rolled in. We could hear the surf, but could not see each other unless within two feet.

I forget whose idea it was, but we decided to get naked (except for chuck). None of us saw the others, but I was naked. I'm sure mike and kent were naked.

Having played enough with this water and air... we proceeded to our beer.

Later that night, we all were drinking on the beach. Chuck and Mike headed in. I am in love with the ocean, so I declined. Kent did as well.

We talked. The barriers were down. Hackles smoothed. A truce.

Kent told me about his father and started crying. I was the den mother, so eventually, I stuck his head on my bosom. Patted his golden hair (which I had never found attractive. I had never found kent attractive.)

He kissed me.

This was the first betrayal I had done at this point in my life.

We were kissing. It was good. It was electric.

The entire trip, we were lovers - surreptitious lovers.

Many, many, many years later... kent and I are 31. I am married. He loves my husband. Mike lives in the carolina apartments - he keeps us in dope. We are in the wilmington scene as something different from the rest.

Kent and I started to get buddhist. This road was to lead me to madness, but to him it really set. He's shed everything but the superiority complex.

We still bicker.

Because he had no fear, he approached this girl he had made stories about for seven years (we have lived in wilmington long - and kent is a real writer.)

He had called her 'french girl' due to her look. (Kent's long lost half-sister is french).

He approached this girl with no guile. She reciprocated.

They became a compound.

I fucking hated her at first and thought it would never last. She was simple, had the most annoying voice, had the most shallow friends, and took kent away from my court.

She has been a great teacher for me.

I like her. She is full of happy and doesn't have any angst. She was my break-in aries (as I have avoided this sign as if they were screaming babies since realizing my step-mother ann was one.)

Because I love kent, I have had to like her granted.

All love is non-absolute. There are no fairy-tales. Everyone farts and disappoints you. If you love enough, you lie a lot.

Wendy will be a good edition to my life. She and Kent somehow work. I hope she will like me eventually. Drunkenly, she has professed great desire to be my friend.

It's all about me, me, me, and I think wendi would feel the same (about herself). We would respect this in each other.

Kent is gone. Long live kent.

It's just a piece of paper.

He's getting married in wine country (bristled so much when I intimated that he was copying 'sideways' but what are we for if not to take the piss out of each other)...

He has not invited/told anyone. He wants to concentrate on the vacation.

Oh heavens life is strange. The infinite jest my friends.

Anyhoo, I bless your wedding kent and wendy.

I hope you have a big party in the later.

How would you end this column?

Apologize for typos?

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