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what do I want to be?

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well gone on ahead, take this the wrong way.

time's not your friend.

Do you cry, do you prey... do you waste them away?

did you bury the carnival with their lines et al?

excuse me whilst I sharpen my nails.

You look rather tired.

Are you pretending to love? well, I hear it pays well.

Are you still jumping out of windows in expensive clothes?

Well I fell in love with your sailor's mouth and your wounded eyes...

you better get down on the floor.

Don't you know it is war?

Tell me. TELL ME. Who are you this time?

Just returned from father's office.... oh the memories.

Luckily, I spouted prolifically about my 'karmic views' with an austrian man and a hawaiian native (well, jane spoke more to the hawaiian than me).

I am not so lost now.

Two biers. One suttee.

Zero semi colon greater than.

I love you.

I have taken a depakote. This is rare for me, but it is soooo good in certain incitements. Listening to bjork....

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