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Warning: although I had no idea, I now believe that my ideas portrayed below are somewhat controversial - definitely sanctimonious....
However, if you would please keep in mind that the very nature of this column is to provide a viewing of my views - a vis a vis so to speak.

That said, shall we proceed:

I live in santa monica. Perhaps the homeless here are more friendly and/or laid back than in your city.

My friend Jane is gorgeous. She is amazing in so many ways. I have walked with her and had her pause in conversation, reach for her purse and give a homeless some dough and then step back in our conversation.

This is so sexy to me.

Do you reading this realize that in this country we have virtually nothing but volunteer stuff set-up for our homeless? Our homeless veterans (who risked their lives for us in case you need a reminder) do not have a safety net. Our mentally ill have been funded out of half-way homes due to ronald reagan's legislation (and granted, this is a plutocracy ((oops)) and we allowed this).

If this sounds a wee bit familiar, bear in mind that I have a soft spot for the unfortunates. Sure it's a pandering soft spot, but shit it does exist.

I am so lucky. I was thinking that today: I have a home to return to.
I'm a bit hot. I'm somewhat smart. I am statistically young.

Here's what started this non-light posting:

Mark mentioned to me the other day that we have an acquaintance who NEVER gives to homeless. This person thinks - no shit - (and again according to mark's report) that homeless people should just get a job.
(as an ironic aside, this person does not hold a job and collects unemployment from the charity of the state).

Doesn't that floor you? Shouldn't that floor you?

Thinking back, I have witnessed this person rudely saying 'no we don't' to a plea from a homeless - as if this person (not the homeless) were some fucking royal/celebrity refusing an autograph request.

Now this person is a friend/acquaintance and I do love them (I have many people in my family who are nice and love me but are elitist narscissistic racist snobs - rather like I picture dick cheney). This person has many many fabulous qualities. I am not going to cut off all contact and hate. I doubt they read this column....

Had they said this alleged view to me, I would have GLADLY ripped them a new one...
and gallantly allowed them to challenge me as this is the united states.

Something light you ask? I watched the gilmore girls at five o' clock with the gastineau girls as my scan and chan (my cute name for what I watch during commercials).

(I gave one homeless one dollar today... this brings my weekly total given to $3 thus far).

Now I will feel relieved of my burden (as I was reluctant to write this for fear of you bleeding my liberalism).... and go out for an organic american spirit and revel in my hypocrisy. Cheers!

BTW, Los Angeles does indeed have a spring. Many people think this city doesn't have seasons.... they are subtle. Today, when I left my home, the air smelled of the blooming jasmine. I have seen several species of bird with twigs in their mouths. The temperature is about five degrees warmer... the sun is staying out subtly longer... and the angle of sun is hitting my balcony differently.

Now you know.

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