Today is the 4yr anniversary of Pony.
No, really. Contrary to what you think the archives say, it is. You have to look at the *old* archives - the badly designed archives.
i need to fix those

We saw Pony this past weekend. It was sweet fun. We had dinner with the Sydney and her parents, and met Mom Pony. Dinner was at the Indian place around the corner - the one where they are so super nice.
That night, they were super nice.

Afterwards, Mrs. Robot, Pony, and myself downed a nice bottle of champagne at the wine bar (also around the corner, but a different corner). I don't remember any details (hmmm) but do recall that the waitress was super nice, and at the end of the night we grabbed a cab and stuffed Pony in. Afterwards I realized that I didn't even check to see if she
(a) had any money
(b) knew where the hotel was

I mean, of course she was fine. But still.

"if you ever want to do something funny for happyrobot, please let me know"

Pony: First Post
i had a Lhasa Apso named toby who was very neurotic. one day my mother gave him away. I cried so hard my nose bled.
3/29/2001 11:27:52 AM

Lhasa Apso? I am not even sure I know what one of those look like - even now.
Ah yes, those dogs.

Four things in list form about Pony, er I mean about Adina, who we call Pony for reasons that I am not sure of.

1. Adina's first email to me, back in those heady dot-com days.
"My co-worker Helen has no idea how or when she came across your site, but she sent me the URL.
I love it! It is sweet and odd and funny and makes me feel all wistful and wanting to be part of your community friends."


2. Adina and I introduced our respective sister and pal to each other. Sister and pal started making out, and then got engaged, and then made out so much that... suddenly... Sydney!

3. One of the biggest mistakes well-meaning parents make is to buy a pony because it is pretty. Unless your child is going into Showing, then do not base your purchase on looks alone. A good dressage horse is not necessarily a pretty one, even though nice movement is mandatory, it can't move like a camel and expect to win any classes. So always ensure your choice of pony is suited to the discipline your child wants to follow.

4. I think my favorite Pony posts were the ones where she went to India.

Additional props
I wish I had thought of this anniversary thing earlier for our writers (this wasn't my idea). Earlier this evening, I was looking at the first dates of some of the other writers. For instance, Kristen began writing on happyrobot in November of 1999 - and Lisa started in January 2001.

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