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Her last Mothers Day

Sunday morning
Her eldest son picks her up from the assisted care place.
It's actually quite nice - really. The staff is really friendly and she has a little 'apartment' with all her stuff in it. The bedroom and bathroom are both designed for ease of access.

We were there Saturday and as we were leaving we were stopped by one of the other residents. Maybe I looked unsure.
He told me that he loved this place. He told me that if he had the chance to go back home he'd say, "no way! I'm staying here!"

"They're good people - and I am an old fashioned Christian - if something bad was going on, I'd be raising a stink. If you got someone in here, you can rest assured that they are being taken care of."

Sunday morning
Right, so her eldest son picks her up. Wheels her out to the car and gets her all strapped in and drives her back to her house.

My parents are there waiting for here and they sit around the dining room table and go over bank statements and insurance and this and that. Did I mention that even though she's like 159 years old that she is still (as my mom likes to say) "sharp as a tack".
She's so small now.

It's now lunchtime and Dad asks her what she's in the mood for. She's not eating a lot these days - apparently this is par for the course.

"I want to have pizza for lunch... and eat with my two sons"

They ordered pizza - veggie, but hold the onion. She had a whole slice and drank a glass of coke. Then she went into her bedroom and took a nap in her own bed.

Happy Mom's Day!

I love that resident.
Happy Mother's day Nana
»anne ||  5/9/2005 ||  8:26:36 AM
Good to hear. I hate the old nursing home crap. My grammy (back in the 90's) would get stuff stolen and scream to go home and call all her friends/relatives on the phone to come get her... then her phone was taken out...oh dear.

But my uncle charlie is like your grams. He loves his renewed social life at the home.
»kristen ||  5/9/2005 ||  10:06:44 PM
Very sweet. And sad, too.
»vera ||  5/12/2005 ||  1:49:19 AM
So sorry about grandma passing into the Great Mystery.

What is it with babies born and grandma's dying this year.

Did you hear "well, she had a good life" any at the wake? (sorry if that was a crass thing to ask.)
»kristen ||  5/13/2005 ||  10:39:40 AM

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