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I did not have good relations with that Wookiee

Good relations with the Wookiees, I have
We saw Revenge of those Sith last night at the Ziegfeld in midtown. Dang. That place has a huge screen, doesn't it? Those digital images sure look pretty.

Stars Wars movies, even though they suck a third of the time, are fun to attend even if you aren't a die-hard fan. Everyone cheers at everything. Little kids wave plastic light sabers.
Stupid childhood imprinting means that I feel tingly when that stupid Lucas Films logo appears on screen.

Was it good? Who knows? We all have such baggage coming into these stupid films.

Happy Birthday Stu
Stu celebrated his 20th or 40th or 19th birthday Saturday night. HonkyCracker and Becky, Evan from Picture Monkey and Hali, and Klutch.xls and ChrisQ were all there.
Woo! Party!
It was fun - and there was cake.

Politicians: Spooky
It seems like everyday our political landscape gets darker and scarier.

The search thing in Firefox
Do you use the little search box in Firefox? The one in the right corner? Did you know you can multiple search engines to it? This allows you to search IMDB or Wikipedia or happyrobot.
OK, for happyrobot, I am putting that together right now.
It will be handy, but probably only for me.

Dude, I am totally blogging this on the internet
We are at the busy local conglomerate drug store down the street from where we live. I am on a quest to find a stupid little pharmaceutical item and I ask Mrs. Robot, "Do you need anything while we are here?"

"We have toilet paper, right?"

"Oh yea, I bought some two weeks ago. I think we are fine for toilet paper", I say.

Mrs. Robot then replies, in a bit louder than normal voice,"Yea, but you had all that diarrehea the other day"

she slays me sometimes

TV Sneaks up on me
Last week it seemed that all the entertainment press was talking about the series Everybody kinda likes Raymond ending. I'm sitting there, in my dressing room getting ready for a stunt bike performance, and I am thinking, "Ending? Didn't this show just start?"
See, TV sneaks up on me. Apparently that show had been on the air for 27 years. Strange but true!

My new ID
The management company for the building where I spend my waking hours (i.e. work) is implementing a new security system kind of thing. They needed new photo IDs of everyone. My photo is the kind of photo they show on TV. Accompanied by a voiceover saying, "neighbors said he kept to himself".

It's bad. Ask me, I'll show it to you.

Microsoft Office + Dinosaurs
I know these ads have been out for a bit, but they are now on my block - have you seen these ads with the people with dinosaur heads? They are ads for the new Microsoft Office - and they imply that if you don't upgrade, you are some sort of dinosaur.

What percent of the features in MS Office do we actually use? Like 5%? 10%? I am basing this on my experience around my office where people can barely operate Word as it is. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like with so much software and operating systems, the innovations have way surpassed their user's skillsets.

Is it necessary to hyperlink everything?
Apparently so:

Yay Shell Silverstein! Yay imprinting!
or at least yay emotional response to something that doesn't hurt anyone, even though it make you go "what the f?"
stu- is a skinny white boy begging to be seduced- I'd plant a smoocher on him in public just to see him flinch- but I think he can do better- happy b-day stu!
rich. write about your NY life more often.
»anne ||  5/22/2005 ||  11:38:29 PM
"smoocher" as in metaphor for "god's love"
and "N.Y. life" as in "let Ms. Robot decide when to restock the toilet paper"
»anne ||  5/22/2005 ||  11:41:03 PM
Boy, I look dorky there.

But regardless, thank so much for coming, robot crew!
»stu ||  5/22/2005 ||  11:56:43 PM
rich: you make me want to "roll on the floor (whilst) laughing."
»klutch.xls ||  5/23/2005 ||  9:15:31 AM
We saw the movie last night... the first 30 mins were 'a new hope', but then, we had to laugh eh? "nooooooooooooo", I mean I wanted to choke her to death and killed the younglings, but you know - didn't want her to die and all that...

Mark was sad and declared life weird and childhood over.

Sorry for the non-spoiler alert. If you haven't seen it by now, you're no fan anyway.
»kristen ||  5/23/2005 ||  11:16:42 AM
We didn't like to have THAT be the reason Vade turned to the dark side. Quite silly... and what were the physics on that volcano thing? I guess jedi are special...

It was fun. We were in second row.
»kristen ||  5/23/2005 ||  11:18:06 AM
i liked the movie. especially Vader as Boris Karloff, the monster, snapping those bonds in that special agony that only the realization of free will can cause. "We belong dead." Indeed.
»blaine ||  5/23/2005 ||  11:37:28 AM
burger king is doing Sith toys for their happy meals- R2D2 doubles as a water squirter
»anne ||  5/23/2005 ||  11:52:04 AM
oh god.. let's not start with that "real fan" shit.
»:r ||  5/23/2005 ||  12:53:53 PM
A true fan would revel in the opportunity to denounce people as being insufficiently fan-ny
»stu ||  5/23/2005 ||  1:39:48 PM
stu said fanny.
»eve ||  5/23/2005 ||  9:58:20 PM

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