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The Twenty Guiding Principles of Robot

Did I tell you about this morning? I made eye contact with a man who was taking a dump in the subway.
That's disturbing.

Spartan Power
We have a little college alumni message board.
It's fun - it's not some official college thing, but just something my pal Scott built and posted. I think there are about 30 or so people on it. A good number of happyrobot people actually (Jason, Blaine, John Ball, EricS, EricW, Jessica).

The topic yesterday was putting together our collective list of the greatest albums of the past twenty years. EricS is spearheading the project and there have been a ton of posts (57 in one day. Yow!) about how we should pick these albums (should they be our own personal faves or our faves that also were huge milestones or... ).

I thought it would be best to our personal top twenty - everything else be damned. So, between projects at work, I scribbled down my list.

1PixiesSurfer Rosa / Come on Pilgrim
2The SmithsThe Queen Is Dead
4BongwaterBreaking No New Ground! EP
5REMLifes Rich Pageant
6PavementSlanted & Enchanted
7Guided by VoicesBee Thousand
8Public EnemyFear of a Black Planet
9SebadohThe Freed Weed
10Ice CubeDeath Certificate
11Belle & SebastianTigermilk
12Public EnemyApocalypse 91...The Enemy Strikes Black
13The Nation of UlyssesPlays Pretty for Baby
14The FallThis Nation's Saving Grace
15StereolabRefried Ectoplasm
16Sufjan StevensGreetings From Michigan: The Great Lakes State
17Belle & SebastianDear Catastrophe Waitress
18BeulahHandsome Western States
19Guided by VoicesAlien Lanes
20WeenGod. Ween. Satan.

24 hours I am still happy with it.

Each album has some fun memory with it. The Queen is Dead was the second CD I ever bought.
The time I saw Pavement on the Slanted Enchanted tour was the first time I saw the Archers of Loaf - who were all from my home town / high school.
Breaking No New Ground I copied from some girl who was living with my friend Joel in his post-high-school-crap-pad. Since it was an EP of covers, she put the Redd Kross EP of covers on the tape after it - which I didn't realize until much later was really really cool.

The Freed Weed I found in our giveaway bin at the radio station. What awesome fun.
Ice Cube's Death Certificate I literally know all the words to.
Surfer Rosa / Come on Pilgrim is Pixies perfection.

Both Public Enemy albums on my list can sometimes give me nutty goose bumps.
That Stereolab collection is super lovely.
Ween's God. Ween. Satan. was the soundtrack to my life when I lived with Kristy and had just started dating Mrs. Robot. We went to their show and got them to do a radio station ID.

I forgot Negativland. Damn. That's half my childhood right there. They threw eggs at us.


Mrs. Robot's Top 20 of the Last 20
1Liz PhairExile in Guyville
2WilcoYankee Hotel Foxtrot
3PixiesSurfer Rosa
4Belle & SebastianIf You're Feeling Sinister
5Elliott SmithFigure 8
6The SmithsQueen is Dead
7RUN DMCRaising Hell
8The CureHead on the Door
9Guided by VoicesBee Thousand
10Nirvana Nevermind
11Beastie BoysPaul's Boutique
12NWAStraight Outta Compton
13REMLife's Rich Pageant
14Public EnemyIt Takes A Nation of Millions
15HoleLive Through This
16Archers of LoafIcky Mettle
17Johnny CashUnchained
18WeenGod. Ween. Satan.
19 Cibo Matto Viva La Woman
20De La Soul3 Feet High & Rising

Honorable Mention- In A Priest Driven Ambulance- The Flaming Lips

Is that the Bongwater album that has "David Bowie Needs Ideas" on it? That cracks me up.
»dorf ||  6/24/2005 ||  9:13:46 AM
funny everyone picking the same damn REM album.
»blaine ||  6/24/2005 ||  9:30:45 AM
3 so far for the Queen and her dying.

Rich, I was popping a salmon roll (sushi) into my mouth the very instant I read your dump anecdote.

Have you ever noticed people are very Pixie loyal. I can't IMAGINE anyone not preferring Doolittle to anything they've done.

Sebadoh - Doh!
»kristen ||  6/24/2005 ||  12:24:22 PM
Oh hello Ms. Robot. Good list (thanks rich for the music day!)

I'm thinking that "Life's Rich Pageant" and "Queen is Dead" are neck and neck? n'est ce pas?

Not much talking heads on the lists... is there any?
»kristen ||  6/24/2005 ||  1:10:54 PM
so, ricardo. are you going to enter all these albums into a spreadsheet thingy and tell us the crossover and over and under and top and bottom and the outsiders and the insiders and the winner is?
»n8 ||  6/24/2005 ||  1:26:07 PM
when I met you, we both agreed that Belle and Sebastian was a bit gay. That was like 5 years ago. I don't know about you, but I listened to some Donavan a little while ago, and he put them all in perspective.
»pony ||  6/24/2005 ||  3:29:27 PM
»:r ||  6/24/2005 ||  4:27:42 PM
rich. so agreed. come on pilgrim is the one. and surfer rosa. the one.
»cryfok ||  6/24/2005 ||  6:23:23 PM
»kristen ||  6/24/2005 ||  6:27:03 PM
let's all agree to disagree to agree that doolittle is not as good as surfer rosa.

»:r ||  6/24/2005 ||  7:54:34 PM
Doolittlle! Mothafacka!

But just barely. Neck and neck. But still, Debaser vs. Gigantic? You kidding me?

»stu ||  6/24/2005 ||  9:33:47 PM
must admit favouring doolittle too! but i was late in the game so..
»elanamatic ||  6/24/2005 ||  11:48:21 PM
ps. ween plus college radio equals good times. i had a show called "fraggle rock," can u spell N.E.R.D.?! it was fun.
»elanamatic ||  6/24/2005 ||  11:53:58 PM
children. now let's not fight about surfer rosa being a better album.
»:r ||  6/25/2005 ||  10:11:49 AM

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