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Robot Orlando and Dawn

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~ O-town

Robots are going to O-Town
The powers that be here at Cubicle Work Towne have decided to send me to a conference slash infomercial for one of our vendors in Orlando.
Good lord.

I haven't been to the OhTown since I was a pup in high school in the mid 50's. My memories consist of Disney and pavement. Miles and miles of pavement.
Our hotel does have a "lazy river", though. That will be cool, right?

So, I turn to you, dear robot reader. What trouble can sarcastic 30-somethings get into while visiting America's Tourism Capital?
Restaurant recommendations? (I mean, other than "stay in NYC")

Disney recommendations?

Lazy river recommendations?

Oh, Ruth
Lisa posted a review of the new Ruth Reichl book - actually, I think she posted her review minutes after I finished the book.
It's a lovely read. The part where she reminisces about hanging out in the kitchen of the French restaurant as a little girl was just dreamy.
If you haven't read anything by her, I'd start with 'Tender at the bone'.
She makes me want to cook fancy feasts.

MBNA + Working Assets
The little post about MBNA that was on the robot filter last week is still sticking in my craw. Working Assets, although I have never signed up for their phone service, or credit card, or monkey rentals has always seemed like a stand-up little company.
And I assume they still are.

But, it appears to me that the whole point of their card - the fact that every purchase means they donate something to "progressive" causes - is canceled out when the company that handles the cards (and gets your dollars via fees) donates boatloads to non-progressive causes.

Working Assets has donated over $47 million has been raised for progressive causes - since their establishment in 1985 (or a little over 2 million a year).
I can't find a definite figure for how much MBNA has donated to various causes, but from my initial poking around it looks like it will easily be over 2 million a year.

People over at BuyBlue discussed this last month.

Cackle Cackle
I had a run in with someone the other day. The person is an author of a book a good number of you are probably familiar with (and I know some of you have read (or are reading because it's on your bedside table)).

This "run in" I had with this unnamed person was fairly unpleasant - but the good news is it wasn't my fault. Nor was it anyone's fault other than the person who was being unpleasant - yet I became the target of this unpleasantness.

My whole point (there's a point?) is that afterwards I felt actually pretty good about myself. Yes, someone called me on the phone and ranted in my ear for no reason. On the other hand, I'm not such a freak that I yell at random people for no reason.

Viva me.

wow rich! J.K. Rowling called and yelled at you?!? so weird!
»matty j ||  6/22/2005 ||  1:05:36 PM
wow rich! Tom Clancy called and yelled at you?!? so weird!
»jatty m ||  6/22/2005 ||  1:37:52 PM
you quoted O-town.

I see there is revenge for calling down the Spice Girls.

»victoria ||  6/22/2005 ||  1:41:34 PM
Tell us what author!

I'm hoping it's J.D. Salinger.

Or Pynchon. That would rock. I would pay money to be berated by Thomas Pynchon.
»stu ||  6/22/2005 ||  1:47:04 PM
i won't say here who it was and you can expect any correct answers (!) to be deleted.
»:r ||  6/22/2005 ||  2:03:14 PM
Wow Rich! Ruth Reichl yelled at you yesterday.
»blaine ||  6/22/2005 ||  2:09:02 PM
Ruth Reichl could yell at me anyday (not that she would)
»:r ||  6/22/2005 ||  2:33:01 PM
Jonathan Safran Foer? Sarah Vowell? Fiction or non-fiction?
»dorf ||  6/22/2005 ||  3:03:41 PM
this is all nice and well but i still don't know what we are going to do in OH TOWN
»:r ||  6/22/2005 ||  4:14:34 PM
artist's point at wilderness lodge,
I recommend the samon, they fly it in daily and serve on a cedar plank...awesome! ($$$ but worth every penny) nice wine list too. the view is equally as wonderful.
lazy river, well don't let the water get in your mouth, the kids pee in there.
»de ||  6/22/2005 ||  4:15:42 PM
If you want to do the Disney thing MGM is good because it has the Rock N Roll rollercoaster (complete with Aerosmith!) or the Tower of Terror (which will make you wet your pant s literally) ... Epcot is also cool because you can walk around the world. Norway's boat trip is a must do if you go there just make sure you are good and drunk so the trolls can tell you to GO BACK GO BACK!
»k ||  6/22/2005 ||  11:32:09 PM
Downtown Disney is pretty lame unless you want to pretend that you are back in college because you can do loads of Jell-O and test tube shots then try and dance on the revolving dance floor oh and you can also record a song and video (maybe something for the mpeg video log). Or you can avoid it all and save loads of money!
»k ||  6/22/2005 ||  11:32:22 PM

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