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Wine Club #13: White Burgundy

White. Wine Club #13 went off without any unlucky hitches. Thanks to Jack & Raquel who hosted - it was a lovely spread.
We tasted nine white Burgundies. White Burgandy wines are traditionally made with Chardonnay grapes, but unlike the common California Chardonnay, are more delicate and minerally. They are also Mrs. Robot's favorite white wine.

Maybe due to the fact that white Burgundies aren't common in the average wine shoppe (as far as variety), we had two sets of duplicates. Super props to Josh who I believe was the only person who correctly picked both sets even though they were all clad in brown paper.

With the duplicates, it kind of threw things off - The results are a bit wonky. I think. It's hard to tell. Math don't fail me now!
Bottom line: I think we liked all the wines and a good time was had by all.

First Place
Louis Jadot Pouilly Fuisse 2003 (Māconnais)(#2)
"Like alternately licking a pat of butter and an asian pear"
"Strangely thirst quenching"
"Fruits with a good body"
"Fragrant bouquet - dances in my mouth"

Second Place
Macon-Villages Les Pierres-Vieilles Vignes', Bourdon (Māconnais)(#3 / #7)
"Wraps around the tongue like a big flower petal"
"Biting. Crisp."
"A faint musty taste with an outstanding taste"
"Almost watery finish"

Third Place (three way tie)
Olivier Leflaive Bourgogne "Les Setilles" 2001(#4)
"Very fresh nose"
"I like boys"

Mācon-Villages, Henri Perrusset (#5)
"Strongest nose. Goes well with spicy meat."
"Lovely bouquet"
"Hot. Alcoholy."

Saint Veran Bourgogne 2004(#6)
"Really sweet. Like Raquel."
"Smells like green apple Jolly Ranchers"
"Very cool sweetness"

I thought it said "almost weinery finish" for the second place one. A wine that combines hot dogs and drinks should have finished #1. But I misread.
»3pk ||  6/21/2005 ||  8:41:49 AM
I also love me a burgundy
»pony ||  6/21/2005 ||  11:36:40 AM

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