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Brooklyn: a clean trailer park

Festive Lake
Uber props to Robin & Josh who once again hosted their always fun Lake Fest this past Saturday on what was probably the most perfect summer day of the year. I spent a lot of time doing the following activities: playing with a big dog, swimming in the beautiful lake, napping in the lawn chairs, and eating chicken sausage things.
Oh, and getting sunburned.

It was lovely.

Calgary doesn't like happyrobot
From the mailbag...
Jo writes to say: Crap. Im not even giving this shit an exclamation dot. It is just ........ crap......

Thanks! Specifics aren't important! I'll just assume it's the whole site that is crap!
(And thanks for conserving your exclamation dot! We don't deserve it!)

Teens love the Olive Garden
"I recommend ordering any dish with shrimp or chicken in it. I also like the vanilla cream soda and the strawberry lemonade on the drink menu. The best part of the meal is the breadsticks, which come as appetizers."

Teen Review II
Granted, I'd hate to read anything I wrote when I was 17, but this is too good...

Experience Italy without flying overseas: Tony's Italian Deli
...even the location of the restaurant adds to its Little Italy atmosphere. It sits in the center of a clean trailer park, which gave me the feel of Brooklyn.

Dubya Tee Eff?
A clean trailer park reminds her of Brooklyn? I mean. Um.
Oddly, a clean trailer park reminds me of Decatur.

Protect my right to choose crap
The NYTimes had an editorial piece about this "PETA kils animals" billboard that is supposedly in Times Square. The organization that paid for the billboard is the Center for Consumer Freedom who is fighting the good fight to protect our right as freedom loving consumers.
They are dedicated to protecting the full range of choices that American consumers currently enjoy! Awesome!!
Thanks CCF!!

So, CCF is against PETA - who, as a recovering vegetarian - I have no real opinion about. They are against PETA and "malicious animal-rights activists... the 'food police,' environmental scaremongers, neo-prohibitionists, meddling bureaucrats and other self-anointed saints who claim to 'know what's best' for you".
The thing that makes CCF's argument pretty ridiculous is the fact that they are a front for the processed food / theme restaurant industry.
Oh, and soda companies.
And big tobacco.
And, unfortunately, the alcohol beverage industry.
Ah, conflict of interests.

Bowling Proprietor's Association of America
I came across a newsletter from the "BPAA" on the web where they railed against Mothers Against Drunk Driving and all this DUI-related legistlation that MADD is trying to push through.

That's the term that the BPPAA and the CCF (freedom!) both love.
I suspect their dorky ass Café Press online store has "Say no to Neo-Prohibitionists" t-shirts and thongs.

Just a reminder
Remember, say no to H20! Water is boring!
The Olive Garden wants you to drink Coke!

I searched online for a Neo-Prohbitionists shirt (is that more like a Neo-Nazi or a Neo-Con?), but sadly, wasn't able to find it.

Actually, probably not sadly. Because if they had it, I would have bought it. And worn it to every happyrobot fete until I was kicked out or beaten soundly.
»stu ||  7/25/2005 ||  2:52:05 AM
(The Neo-Prohibitionist, of course, being the Post-Modern Drunkard's diametrically opposed nemesis)
»stu ||  7/25/2005 ||  2:55:47 AM
"even the location of the restaurant adds to its Little Italy atmosphere. It sits in the center of a clean trailer park, which gave me the feel of Brooklyn."

this kills me. Not just because of the trailer "park = brooklyn" thing. but also. she seems to be under the impression that Little Italy is in Brooklyn.
»matty j ||  7/25/2005 ||  7:55:53 AM
I actually seemed like she thought Little Italy covered all of Brooklyn and the famous "New Jersey boroughs."
Also, I love that movie, "The Good Fellas." They really were good fellows, weren't they?
»dorf ||  7/25/2005 ||  11:33:57 AM
sigh. I remember growing up in the Midwest, and the Olive Garden was where you took a date when you wanted a really special meal. I was so young. So foolish.
»stu ||  7/25/2005 ||  11:40:33 AM
Your site is cra
»calgary ||  7/25/2005 ||  12:30:39 PM
I always watch for the fall on the face when the server who has been trained to pump up drink sales to pump up profits - gets my water order.

Freedom in water.

OG was a sty the last time I graced it.
»kristen ||  7/25/2005 ||  12:32:59 PM
you have nothing to worry about with calgary. They are just really bitter about Mad Cow disease and gay marriage.
»pony ||  7/25/2005 ||  12:37:39 PM

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