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Ocean. I miss you already.

My Vacation To-Do List - Results

- Swim in ocean (Everyday)
- Get sunburned (A few parts, but nothing major)
- Swim in pool (No. The pool was stupid.)
- Play with baby nephew (All I had to was make a funny face and the kid laughed this incredibly cute baby laugh - what an easy crowd)
- Drink wine (Yes! Yes!)

- Go to bed early (Somewhat)
- Lazy river (The lazy river was even stupider than the pool)
- Drink champagne (Oh yes)
- Jungle themed mini-golf (Never got to it)
- Drink beer (Yes!)

- Eat seafood (Calabash! Fried goodness!)
- Nap (A few times while in a post-lunch, beer stupor on the beach)
- Build sand castle (Not really)
- Crazy water slide (Never got there)
- Show my father Google Earth (Stupid no internet connection condo)

It was a swell time. Our bedroom looked at onto the ocean and you could watch the sun rise in the morning from bed. The beach was clean and thankfully shark / jellyfish / sea-monster free.
We spent most of the time under an umbrella eating sandwhiches and drinking beer - that is, when we weren't riding waves or eating seafood.
Kudos to my mom for planning it all.

Early Sunday Morning in Brooklyn
RobotCat woke up me up with her chirping. I think she is chirping at me (incessantly I might add) because Mrs. Robot is still out of town.
"Where's that lady that feeds me!?"

She's concerned (maybe rightly so) that I might forget to feed her.
Nonetheless. She wakes me up and the morning is all bright and cheery and the birds outside the window are hopping around making a racket.
I put on my new favorite green shirt and walk outside, grab the paper, and head to the little French-esque place around the corner for coffee and a muffin.
I ate breakfast in the park and read the paper.
What a fine morning.

Our neighborhood, apart from the smell of every restaurant's garbage on the street, is beautiful in the morning.
Quiet. No traffic.
Slower pace.
Lots of old people with canes.
Very few idiots.

After breakfast, I jumped on my bike and rode across the Manhattan bridge and then up around that new eastside park and then back over the tourist clogged Brooklyn Bridge.
Tired I am.

DRM Woes
I love the record companies and their continued war against piracy, especially their attempts to make their CD's copy-proof.
The Foo Fighters last album has some nutty DRM/copy-proofing on the CD version that won't allow you to transfer the CD to an iPod or re-transmit it without the express permission of major league baseball. Dave Grohl was interviewed on the idiotic AOL Music site (via AIM no less) about life and rock and stuff...
aolmusic: what do you bring with you from home on the road?
nyourhonor: ummmmm
nyourhonor: laptop
nyourhonor: ipod
nyourhonor: razors
nyourhonor: immodium

I wonder if Dave figured out the trick to get the CD onto his iPod?

Chow Fresh Direct
Sunday morning, like I mentioned above was just lovely. After my little bike ride around Manhattan, I got back home and decided it was time to buy groceries (due in part the odd feelings of extreme hunger coming from my stomach hole). For whatever reason I thought I'd order a bunch of stuff from Fresh Direct (the online grocery robot).
Click click. Shop shop.

Then I started thinking...
"Wait. I can't get all this stuff in my own dang neighborhood - if I don't support the hood, all the food shops will go out of business and then become cell phone stores... and banks... and fast food shops..."

So, no more Fresh Direct. Got to keep it real.

In other local news
On the corner of Smith and Bergen, that new building is going to be a Baskin-Robins / Dunkin Donuts. It will be a perfect compliment to the Dominoes on the other corner.
Maybe it's just me, but when I see people carrying pizza out of the Dominoes... I want to kick them.
This is Brooklyn. You can throw a stone and hit a pizza parlor that makes pizza way better than that chain-store crap.
Stupid bread stick munching fat heads.

Chinatown: You won't believe the smells!
I rode my bike all over the city on Sunday morning - and the real eye-opener was hitting Chinatown, a normally stinky area, but somehow much stinkier this particular morning.
Holy. Moly.

I tip my hat to your skills in stinking up the streets!

AKA Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn.
I just heard someone on TV referring to our hood as "BoCoCa".
Man, I keep thinking that this will just disappear if I ignore it.
Someone... real-estate people or restaurant owners or the "got a quarter" lady came up with this winner of a nickname for our neighborhood.

Bo. Co. Ca.
I keep thinking its Bo. Ca. Ca. which isn't good.

Tom, do you know about pinks and greys?
"I'm drinking lots of rum and popping pinks and greys."

- L. Ron Hubbard in a 1967 letter to his wife, written during the period when he was creating Scientology's secret "upper levels." (Bent Corydon and L. Ron Hubbard, Jr. a.k.a. Ronald DeWolf, L. RON HUBBARD: MESSIAH OR MADMAN? Random House 1989)

Bless those folks at

i wish i was at the beach!
»lisa ||  8/8/2005 ||  9:06:50 AM
support local pizza!
»victoria ||  8/8/2005 ||  10:13:34 AM
Hey, let's go bike riding.
»jb ||  8/8/2005 ||  10:27:43 AM
Is there a cabana in BoCoCa? And if there is, is it the hottest spot north of Havana?
»chris ||  8/8/2005 ||  10:37:50 AM
i love cherry mornings! haha. cute typo ;-)
»elanazon ||  8/8/2005 ||  11:26:58 AM
welcome back, rich!
So would it be BO-coca
or boCOKE-a?
»pony ||  8/8/2005 ||  11:34:53 AM
»:r ||  8/8/2005 ||  1:05:11 PM
i thought BoCoCa was what you got from eating too many boca burgers.
»dorf ||  8/8/2005 ||  3:25:15 PM
Sorry but I live in da g to the het-toe. Supporting Freshdirect is my only option for real, good, fresh food. If/When they start gentrifying I'll get with the support local program.

Welcome back dude!
»liz ||  8/9/2005 ||  1:02:25 AM

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