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11:30pm Monday. Atlantic City.

Baby's first casino
I realize I am so late on this, but casinos... holy crap.
My boss/co-workerpal "Bob" (not his real name) and I are just wandering around the Tropicana hotel in Atlantic City.
Sure, we have had a bit to drink.
In honor of drunky Stu, I had:
(1) glass of regular champagne
(3) glasses of rose champagne
(1) glass of sauvignon blanc
(5) small crab cakes
(2) orders of shrimp & grits
(1) salad

Bob had about 10 rum and cokes.

I have never been to a casino before.

The lights. The mirrors. The Postal Service-esque beepy boops from the machines.
So hypnotic.
So circular.
Never ending.
Around and around they go.

We see Dan & Kim playing craps and our presence ruins their luck.

Kim: OK, I need new shoes
*rolls dice*
Dealer: Looks like you are shopping at Payless now

Then we see a co-worker playing one of those machines. The machines with the buttons and the very well animated screens.
"See, I bet this one here and then this one rolls and then the duck comes up"
She tries to explain the game to me.
I have to pee.
The sounds are making me crazy.
"Where is the bathroom?"

"Now, I am 200 points up. No, not 200 dollars, 200 points. See, when you get a point you see this thing that does this."

Bob and I, who are licensed "Information Technology" professionals, stand there with our mouths agape.
Utterly confused.

Teen Building
I am here for a work team building week long conference symposium thing. Please shoot me now.

In my room
Sometimes I'll watch people through the peep hole.

i love the noise of a casino ... you will be hearing that cling cling kling kling sound for days

may i suggest you get yourself on a wheel of fortune slot machine ASAP!

»k (aka double down) ||  8/29/2005 ||  11:45:25 PM
wow. I have never been to a casino either. I think I would freak out too. And that peephole thing...too great.
»eve ||  8/30/2005 ||  2:29:34 AM
how many of the slot machine junkies are little old ladies, whittling away their social security checks. that was depressing when i first went to a casino. the free drinks were ok though!
»teen's wife ||  8/30/2005 ||  8:29:21 AM
tons of sad old people :(
»:r ||  8/30/2005 ||  11:18:23 AM
See you in Vegas!

On a side note, I too came across a great quote yesterday:
picture it: 2 girls in front of a building with a for rent sign:

G#1: That's ridiculous how much they want for that place considering what it is...

G#2: Yeah, at that price, it better have a toilet that wipes my ass for me.
»kristen ||  8/30/2005 ||  12:08:08 PM

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