Welcome Back Skeeto!
Ah, fall. The time of year when we have mosquitoes in our apartment.

Quit biting me!

I love you silver box
Yea, yea. We are like 12 years late on this I realize.
Mrs. Robot brought home a DVR from the cable company the other day and I really hate to say this, but it has kind of completely changed how we watch the TV machine. Granted, we don't watch a ton of TV, but it's nice to be sitting at my desk balancing the ol' checkbook and notice that it's time for Arrested Development and not have to run in and flip on the TV because I know that our trusty TV robot is taping it for me.
Cuz I told him to.

Scott Baio
In regards to Arrested Development, is Ron Howard just going to try and hire all of his old pals?
The fact that Rob Cordry was on the show is so coool.

Technology: Money
How did people balance their checkbooks before Quicken or Money and banks that push new transactions down to your computer? I mean, I know how they balanced their checkbooks.
My father, bless his little being my dad heart, has this very precise and elegant checkbook register. It's amazing. Three ring binders with every transaction in it.
If we called him right now, he could tell you to the penny how much money he has.

Technology: Zip
Today a co-worker called me looking for a Zip drive. Some agency had sent her something on a Zip disk. I told her that the IT folks probably had a Zip drive somewhere in their boxes of junk, but it'd be better if she just called the person back and said, "WTF? Is this 2002? I'm Rick James Biyatch Yadda Yadda Yadda".
Zips? What were they thinking?

Dude! I was so drunk!
Last week we did a work-related bar crawl thing. I only lasted for four bars.
(shut up! Four bars in six hours! We moved very slowly! You try it!)
Wolfgang's, this new steak place, features "Canadian Bacon" as an appetizer.
Just bacon. It was tasty.

Because I'm Christian
Back when we had that hurricane thing going around and around down there where it did, I heard a few news stories where they talked to people (as they often do) and many times the person talking would say something along the lines of, "Well, I helped that drowning man because I'm a Christian."

Now, not to single out Christianity, but if I was smarter I'd study stuff and come up with some sort of theory about values and character versus being religious or not.

I just have a sneaking suspicion that if we had some sort of magic and were able to produce two identical people with the exact same upbringings and life-experiences and the only difference would be one was religious and the other one wasn't - I theorize that they would not be different in regards to their actual values and compassion for their fellow man.
They would both save the drowning man (or not).
They would both not kill people (or not).

But then you'd have to figure out where all this "values" and "compassion" and "caring" come from if you aren't crediting it back to a holy book of some kind. Can we say it's some sort of instinctual, biological thing? Like, it's in our interest to be nice and compassionate?

Speaking of compassion...

This is my modern life
Sorry. I really dislike the crack heads (*).
I know that Kristen had some thoughts about giving change to homeless people a while ago and everyone weighed in on it (I rarely give change) - but I tell ya.. when the crackheads ask me for change... screw 'em.

That cracky dirt-bike-riding wonky-eyed guy in my neighborhood? Screw 'em.
The cracky yelling woman on the platform today? Screw 'em.
Like they say: Hate the sin, not the sinner.

Unless the sinner is a crackhead.

(* crack could actually be crack, or some other cracky-esque drug. whatever it is that comes in those little ziploc bags I see every morning on the street)

The cracky wild-eyed guy
I had a drink with my old roommate a while ago, and he also hates the local cracky wild-eyed guy. There's just something about him that just flips that little internal switch that says, "this is going to end badly."
I think it's like some sort of protective 'pride' mentality we both had (the group of lions type of "pride" that is) that it could easily be our respective wives who could be the target of his wild-eyed cracky behavior one day.

Cracky Blog-o-sphere
I wonder if he has a blog? I could ping him with a trackback so we could all have a discussion...
a dialog.

My favorite bumper sticker speaking of "pride": The Power of Pride

See, the funny thing is I actually like standard poodles. They are smart and clever dogs. And we all know about their silly haircut which is really advantageous for all that hunting and swimming they do these days.

Poodle Hairstyles!
How often do I hear the phrase, poodles are so sissy and so froo-froo. Most the time said by men. What man people dont realize is that a poodle doesnt have to look like thoes fancy show cuts that are on the dog shows.

The poor fellow's fanny had been shaved in a way that no living thing should have to endure

Labradoodles. Who doesn't like them?

Use of the word Silly: See, I was using it somewhat snarkily. It is not to be used when describing something cranky ol' Stu said.

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