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Wine Club #17: Gewürztraminer

Last weekend we had a mini Wine Club while Giles was in towne. Gewürztraminer has been one of my favorite wines to pair with spicy foods and I have wanted to drink a few varieties back to back.
We ended up with two from Oregon, one each from Italy, Germany, and the Alsace region in France.

My armchair-quarterback Gewürztraminer observations...
1. I'd keep them all chilled the whole time if I redid this tasting.

2. They went swell with the spicy hot Indian appetizers we had.

3. After being open for about an hour and breathing and warming up, many of them became a bit too cloyingly sweet.

4. I wish I'd though to bring one from NY state - I am a huge fan of the Lenz Gewürztraminer from Long Island.

These were our results...

First Place
Winzerverein Deidesheim
"This one still tastes nice after warming up"
"very dessert-y"
"Nicely balanced"
"Sweet -n- sour"

Second Place
Paul Zinck "Prestige"
"Dark golden color. Smells like honey."
"Quite heavy"
"The sweet that burns away..."
"Thick and sweet like a dessert wine"

Third Place
Muri Gries
"Almost too floral nose"
"Ah, the Italian original, she holds you at arms length and yet you're enthralled"
"Quite dry and well-balanced"
"Tart taste which lingers and sharpens. I dig it.

i love me some gewurtzraniner. but really cold/
»pony ||  11/21/2005 ||  9:15:24 AM
Yes, agreed. Keep it cold. SOunds like some nice stuff.
»eve ||  11/21/2005 ||  2:28:36 PM
i love this kind of wine. i'll never forget the first time i tried it -- in '86 (cough) on vacay with my folks in toronto -- with a seafood salad (with octopus!) at a small boutique-y restaurant called the parrot. i wonder if it still exists? excellent post -- brings back great memories. viva gewurztraminer!!
»mina ||  11/22/2005 ||  12:38:14 PM
i'm going to hit print and try these out. thanks, rich!
»mina ||  11/22/2005 ||  12:38:56 PM

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