HB to lil' Bro!
Happy Birfday lil' Bro!

I'm cold
Is the heat off?
Man. I think the cat will vanish if she tries to curl up anymore - as if she will form some sort of circle and then get smaller and smaller and smaller.
And then... poof!
Without a trace.

I'm crazy
Mrs. Robot has been gone all week and it takes me a while to get used to be the only one here. My brain isn't working. I've become very forgetful and my To-Do list is spiraling out of list control.

I'm usually very good about remembering stuff, but not this week.
So far this week I have left the house without my watch and wedding band (that's a weird feeling). Then the other day I totally forgot to put on deodorant (that was a surprise when I got home (Omigod! A bum must of snuck into my bedroom!)).
Message to KMAC: The day I was stinky was the day we had drinks after work - just in case you thought I seemed "mustier" than normal.

I'm enjoying all the cards
We have received a lot of "holiday" cards this year. You people and your families are all very handsome and sweet.
Most likely, ours will be sent out on December 24th as I just got around to ordering some prints.
That's just the way we roll.

I'm behind on shopping
Wait. That sentence would make it seem like I have actually started shopping. I haven't. Not one gift.
I am not buying a ton of gifts this year (my policy of being cold and distant pays off during gift buying season) but the people who are on my list are all being, "Well, whatever".

The Wife: Sweater. Jewelry. Clothing gift certificates. Pony.
The Mom: No help whatsoever ("don't go to too much trouble")
The Dad: His wants a photograph of mine
The Brother: Gift certificates to stores that sell stuff for their house
The Sister-in-law: Magazines.
The Baby Nephew: Sweet potatoes.

How is your gift buying going? Are feeling closer to Jeeesus from buying gifts?

I'm standing behind Spanish wine
Mark called me the other day and told me that he followed my one bit of wine advice that I gave him and it didn't work. What advice was that?
"Mark, I can't ever seem to wrong with wine from Spain"
Apparently he did.

I'm full of champagne
This week has been full of events that involve drinking either:
1. Large amounts of champagne
2. Moderate amounts of very expensive champagne
(no, who would really pay $50 a glass for champagne. yea, it's awesome champagne. but $50 a glass? yow.)

The office holiday party was fun. Oh, there was champagne there.
Holy cow.
There was this one girl who was a temp and she just got hired as perm and she got drunk and she started grinding on these guys in finance and they had to carry her out to a cab and she was so drunk and then she was at work the next day and I bet she felt bad.

I'm car sick
As a child, I never got car sick. I still don't, much to the chagrin of my mother who can't even read a book in a car.
Except in NYC when you are being flown around in a car or, worse, a SUV like I was tonight.
Then I am thinking, "Not so well I feel" and it cramps my getting my champagne on when I am all dizzy and nauseous.

"Dude! This party is great! How you doin'?!"

"Awesome! I feel not only dizzy, but also a bit nauseous!"

Next question: Am I the only one who gets a little car sick wonky in cabs or car services?

I'm incredibly busy
Yet I am moderately happy about everything.
I am also excited about doing laundry tonight! And by "excited", I of course mean "picking" and by "about doing" I mean "up my".

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