The sexiest transit strike ever!!
I think the most surprising, somewhat stressful thing I heard this morning was the expected length of this transit strike.
"Well, I don't see this strike going longer than two weeks" is what some news guy said.
I put my hands to my face and looked "home alone" surprised.

For whatever reason, in my brain, the trains will be running fine tomorrow morning and this will all be over.

Then there was the woman with crutches I saw walking towards the bridge this morning.
I hope crutchy made it work.
Go crutchy!

I'm going on strike
What if I went up to where the striking folks are and started protesting their striking?
That'd show 'em!

Working from home
It's a lot like working in the office - there are distractions, but the distractions are more pleasant.
Like my cat.
Or the foxy wife.
Or the fancy home computer.

Viva Serge
Excuse me
I am a french man
And I am afraid
I don't speak very well english
I think
That you are
The most pretty little girl
I ever knew
(love the serge)

IM Interview with Eric
me: So, Eric. You walked to work this morning from Brooklyn.
me: How long did it take?

eric: it took about an hour and a half

me: how cold was it on the bridge?

eric: not as cold as I feared! in fact, the walking kinda made me HOTT!
eric: luckily it wam't very windy

me: how's manhattan? busy? quiet?

eric: insanely quiet
eric: no cars
eric: desolate, which is weird cos there's huge lines of cars trying to get in

me: is it like when Christ finally returns?
me: and all the chosen people disappear?

eric: exactly

me: awesome!!!

eric: i done been left behind!
eric: someone please hep me
eric: god goan hit me with lasers!
eric: gonna fly some vengeance on my chilly ass

me: how are you getting home?
me: assuming god don't smack you with lasers!

eric: same way I got her! only more tired, probably
eric: here, rather

me: yea, that's my concern. it seems like it will be easy to get in, i just don't want the hassle of then trying to get back out.
me: for some reason it seems like that could be a pain.

eric: and then in again the following morning!

me: all dark and all. and spooky.
me: there could be monsters.

eric: oh well, exercise = good
eric: but at least I probably won't be alone

me: oh, sure. it's all good. but there could be monsters.
me: whether you are fat or skinny, monsters will eat you.

eric: not if the pretty Red Cross lady gives the monster some hot chocolate

me: Oh, good point.
me: Let's all pray for that to happen.

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