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Wine Club #18: Kosher Wine Club

Kosher Wine Club
Due to holiday fun, I am just now digging through my notes from our last wine club that was a week before Christmas. Robin y Josh were wanting to have a holiday party and I was looking to drink some wine, so we combined the two into Kosher Wine Club.

It was a great little party and Josh made latkes and we all wore fun holiday glasses that made dreidels appear everywhere. The wines, surprisingly, were nice.
No, really.

Side note: if you want some info on what makes wine Kosher, wikipedia (naturally) has a great overview.
It's all about the wine being pasteurized.

Across the board all the wines were pleasant enough (with the exception of a real cloyingly sweet Riesling). I thought many of these wines would be perfect for dinners with grandma or when there are people who aren't big wine fans.
Pleasant. That's the word.

Here's what we liked...

First Place
Borgo Regalle Moscato D'Asti
"I always try to end my evening with an Italian"
"It bit my tongue"
"Sweet. Light. Refreshing."
"Sparkling sweet wine? Brilliant."

Second Place
Arriero Malbec Merlot
(Malbec 70% Merlot 30%)
Mendoza Argentina
"I wanted it to be fuller"
"This one still has a hand on your chest holding you back"
"Very drinkable, pleasant"
"It's a calm and nice Malbec"
"Nice aroma"

Third Place
Ramon Cardova Rioja
100% Tempranillo
"Rolling and smooth, but with a sharp finish"
"I'm impressed how smooth and complex this one is"

I put your "All Spanish wines are good" dictum to the test about the time you were having this wine club, and discovered that it is probably right. Even bottles of wine bought for 2 euro were pretty damn good.

We should move to Spain.

El robusteza feliz.
»stu ||  12/30/2005 ||  12:38:33 PM
ever drink mansichewitz? It's like undiluted ribena.
»pony ||  12/30/2005 ||  12:42:50 PM

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