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My (late) 2005 Year in Review

Bye 2005!

My (Late) year in review...

A fine year.
That awesome party at the Chelsea Hotel thrown by Nate & Tim that drew robot folks from all over.
Stu and Chris didn't visit Victoria.
The Pony-versary.
Favorite twenty albums.
April Fools &
Lisa had a little booper! As did John Ball!
And Nate!

Robot Journal fun?
Thermos had a party.
My ode to cassette tapes.
I'm Pat Robertson Bitch!
Sharks live in the ocean.
My 2005 resolutions that I didn't keep.

Stressful but rewarding. Fun/stupid trips to crap-tabulous Atlantic City and Orlando were fun and stupid at the same time (although the lazy river at the hotel in Orlando was super entertaining).

My own Fun?
Family fun beach trip over the summer.
Trip to California for my pal Kristy's wedding and then driving up the coast to Sonoma where much wine was drank... er, drunk.
I bought a new snazzy fast computer and super delicious monitor for it.
Wine Club was delightfully drunky this year.
I got myself my own nephew now!

My dear grams passing away.

2005 Final Rating?
I give it a seven.

2005 was a good year for Robot Stuff. My favorite was the 20 ALbums, 20 Years. BUt that's just me.

And the Pat Robertson thing still cracks me up.

Happy '06, :r!

»chris ||  1/6/2006 ||  9:36:50 AM
4 (but what a great learning experience - wan smile).

Happy Blasto!
»kristen ||  1/6/2006 ||  1:08:59 PM
and Teen News had a future Teen, too!
»reba ||  1/6/2006 ||  7:32:07 PM

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