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McSweeney's Volume 6 is pretty nifty.

so, i have to update my McSweeney's story. after sending them this email, i finally got a response. actually three. the last email was from sarah who said that someone would hand deliver it to me today... and they did. cool!

McSweeney's Volume 6 is pretty nifty.

morning campers. i look forward to seeing mr matt johnson again, and hope is full of exciting stories from his trip to that exotic island nation. you know, i do like me some sushi... and i may of mentioned a while back that we have 2 sushi places near by now. it was exciting and funny because they opened up across the street from each other. ooops.

saturday night another sushi place opened next door to one of them. WTF?!
so, this is the count :

sushi place#1
sushi place#2 across the street from #1
sushi place#3 two doors down from #2, across the street from #1.

Cat. Jeff. Astoria.
sunday we spent the afternoon on a roof top in astoria drinking beer and waving at the trains going by. we got 5 trains to blow their horn, numerous people waving, and one old man giving us the thumbs up. woo-hoo.

anyone want to be a sea-plane pilot? i do. the idea of landing a plane in water sounds like a ton of fun.

two things that i saw after taking a pleasantly uncrowded commute to work

1. the neighborhood i work in has some sort of developmentally disabled center for adults, and every day you will see someone taking a little group out for a walk around the neighborhood. this morning there is this 'group' walking in front of me. it just so happens that coming towards us is someone who also works in the center on her way there. when the group sees her, they break out in cheers and yell her name and get very excited. she smiles and says hello and keeps going. that wasn't the interesting part. the interesting part were the other people on the sidewalk who had been walking behind or beside this woman, and all of a sudden she's famous and people are yelling at her. the expressions of confusion of the passerbys was great. trust me.

2. two people walking their dogs. the dogs are both fairly generic brown dogs, but kinda large. one looks like she could be part Rhodesian ridgeback . the other is some brown, short hair mix.
the male dog sees the female dog and barks loudly a few times as they pass. the female looks a little unnerved. after he's gone, the female's owner stops and squats down to give her dog a hug. i hear her say "it's all right, sweetie"

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