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Canned Family + Dancing Fools

ugh. what a weekend.
I am literally sore.
friday, i went to the doctor because of my bodies ability to produce abnormally large amounts of snot.
we changed our health insurance, so this was a new doctor. and maybe i am naive and unexperienced in 'going to the doctor', but i didn't like him. the first time i have been in the little room with a doctor and i was thinking, "i don't think he gives a shit".
oh well, i'll try another.

Canned Family
We went and saw the Canned Family saturday night, and they were nice. they do their own particular brand of comedy. their new show is centered around an "EVIL SHIRT" and features HelloKitty accessorized time traveling nazis. after the show we went for a late mexican dinner at marianne's. i was dreading it because we had 20-30 people in the group and these huge dinner outings always get frustrating, but somehow it went smoothly. very smoothly. somehow.
but that is not the point... the point is that after dinner there was only two other tables in the restaurants and the waiters turned off the lights, blasted the music and started dancing with the womenfolk.
it was cute and funny.
then we went to a bar in williamsburg where people danced to the hits of the 80's and i got drinks poured on me.

So, this my continuing nightmare. let me say this, first of all : if you want to get a highspeed line in your house, do some research. the best place is
if you jump into this blindly, it can be very confusing and frustrating, especially here in nyc where my lack of service could be contributed to about 2000 different variables.

i have spent about 3 months on hold waiting to talk to tech support, and my service is getting worse and worse. i really don't want to get a cable modem because i think their tv commercials are so stupid, but i found myself on the roadrunner site this morning.

oh, and guess what! the water at work stopped working... so the bathrooms are out of order! awesome!

look! the monkey man

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