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pollen + ice cream

Wowzers, everywhere else in this land is chock full of pollen… like it's spring or something. We took a funny little jet out of the city and two hours later landed in the tarheel state and met by dad-in-law.
We went to a Mexican place and saw a rainbow out the window and learned that aunt Margaret DOES NOT like Mexican food. She wasn't there, but that is what mom-in-law said. We wondered aloud, "who doesn't like Mexican food??" I mean, really. Who doesn't?

Once, back in the day, my lil' bro was visiting me and we had a big dinner with beers and Aunt Marg and your husband Uncle-in-law came by. Did I mention that we had been drinking beer?
I think my brother suggested we go get ice cream, and I exclaimed "ICE CREAM!!" apparently too loudly because aunt marg kinda jumped and then looked at me the rest of the evening as if I was some drunkard.

To this day, when her name comes up, I will turn to Mrs. Robot and say "ICE CREAM!!".... and we'll laugh

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