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Monkeys who are REAL

our good pal TV is from India and told me all about the monkeys. Here is what i learned from him:

1. Monkeys are always running around on the roof of his house.

2. When he was a child, monkeys would try to steal his food from him. When he was at the dinner table.

3. Recently his young nephew had a comical struggle over a piece of bread with a monkey.

my first reaction was to say, "i need to go to India and get some of this monkey action", but because of budget cutbacks at the happyrobotusa office, this is not going to happen. also i am realizing that people usually think chimps are monkeys, which they are not. real monkeys tend to be screechy, scratching, pooping little pains-in-the-asses. maybe i should just talk about chimps from now on... screw the monkeys.

Wedding: Small Town
now, onto weddings. we went to this wedding this weekend... 2 nice kids who obviously dig each other a bunch (i.e. a lot of crying). the ceremony was sweet, but the reception, well.... that's another story. or, to be more precise, this story.

small town. church and wedding were in the methodist church. i got to be the photographer, which was fine. i have shot a whole bunch of weddings, so i have experience doing this (people actually used to pay me to do it! can you believe that?!). we were doing the after-ceremony group shots with the bride and groom, and things were going smoothly and IMHO fairly quick... until the wedding director told me to hurry it up because the guests were leaving the reception hall. i honestly thought she was joking. the ceremony had been over for maybe 15-20 minutes.

so i hurried up and finished. we went back to the reception area, and she was right. people were leaving. the bride and groom then were rushed into cutting the cake/toasting/garter/bouquet/and ran to their car and left. it was all over in about 20 minutes. WTF! what kind of reception is that? and why the hell were these people rushing out when we got there? did their lawns really need cutting that bad that they couldn't hang out and chat.

strange small town church wedding reception.

hey look, nude canadians!

eek! nude american!

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