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My (lovely) day so far

Friday, March 31, 2006.
Woke up at 6am and did some work on a website I am launching in two weeks.

Went out and got breakfast with my hair all sticking up. Naturally ran into a neighbor who I am sure found my hair entertaining (as well as my groggy inability to answer her question of "I love their coffee here. Is this your regular breakfast place?").

Even though I woke up early, I somehow ended up running late for a doctor's appointment at 10am.

At the Doctor's I tell him that my pesky cold won't go away (this is why there was so little open mouth kissing from me last weekend). He prescribes some little drugs.

We talk about wine.

My doctor sneezes.

I shake his hand minutes later.

In the waiting room is a couple. The woman is crying.

The weather is beautiful so I take the long way back to the train and end up in my old work neighborhood. I stop at the deli I used to go to everyday and get my favorite coffee. The nice Bangladeshi people are still, um, nice.

I take the longest route to get to work.

I stop by the bank and deposit a couple of checks – including one for $1.03.

When I arrive I work, I have to solve a problem that involves the White House, a foreign government, and a pesky webpage that won't disappear.
I have to make calls to people and tell them to do things now.
No, right now.
"right now, as in ‘the White House' right now".

I post a Craigslist ad for MattyJ

If you are NYC today, get the hell outside. It's lovely.

It's lovely in Boston today as well. The weather channel told me it was a good day to "call in sick". I wish I would have listened.
»binx ||  3/31/2006 ||  3:00:52 PM
today we've got grey skies and slight drizzle in LA LA Land. I'd even go so far as to say it's a bit nippy.
»jen ||  3/31/2006 ||  3:25:29 PM
lobster roll. I am stuck on the lobster roll.
»pony ||  3/31/2006 ||  4:19:16 PM

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