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Weekend of happyrobot part II

Saturday Night
I am exhausted.
Night number two of happyrobot weekend was a slappingly good time. Mina reserved the private room upstairs at MadameX, a sometimes funny bar on Houston street that seems to attract other large groups wanting to have celebrations of some sort.
(Their staff was super nice the other patrons were sometimes super non-intendingly hilarious)

Good time.
Initially, I had this weird feeling like I should be all proud or whatnot because here was this party that was all about this goofy website I built. But then, happyrobot is really more of this odd organic thing that just kind of goes. I just pay the server bill and delete the spam comments.
It does its own thing.
We celebrated whatever that "thing" is.

But I have to thank Mina once again for organizing this whole thing. 2006 has been particularly busy for me and I feel constantly scatterbrained with everything I have on my plate. There is no way I would have been organized and motivated enough to organize this on my own.

I do have a request for Mina though: I'd love to hear more about the time your sister took you with her when she went to see some boy. And the whole school thing. That's a blog entry there.

It was fun.
There was a guy named Donnie. No, it wasn't that Donnie, but a Donnie nonetheless.
He liked to dance dirty.

Cake. There was cake.
There were fun gifts from Canada.
Robot stickers.
Little plastic robot men everywhere.

So many fine people there.

I am exhausted.

Photos! They tell story much better! You see!
- My Flickr Account
- Mrs. Robot's Account
- All Flickr images tagged happyrobot
(if you post pics to Flickr, don't forget to tag them!)

If you missed it. Here was Friday.

Donnie almost started a fight with me, actually. Truly!

I accidentally knocked a drink out of his friend's hand. HIs friend refused my offer of a replacement drink. Donnie sought me out over the rope to demand I buy his friend a drink. Of course, I did. Fight averted.

Still, nice to know that Donnies everywhere can contribute to potential fights.
»stu ||  3/27/2006 ||  12:21:36 AM
Viva la robot. Sadly hubby and I were sick and missed out on the festivities. Good to see that things rocked!
»liz ||  3/27/2006 ||  5:59:04 AM
You SHOULD feel all proud and whatnot. lots. You built it, they came- allowing an organic outgrowth of something you put so much time/cash/loss of sleep and then allowing for that curious leap of faith to let people do stuff with it, what they will that's something. Of course Robots need boundaries. LIke all domesticated crops & communties.
A benevolent dictator Matty J. called you. Some other things too, but with lo
»anne ||  3/27/2006 ||  9:23:10 AM
ve and respect. The limiting comments thing . . . ok, I can see your point.
Did I ever mention how insane and great I think your wine club posts are? They are. Although the George and your neighbor stories are often my favorite.
And now I fear sounding like a kiss-ass. But if I were never allowed to comment again- I'd still tell you excellent! Good, good stuff.
»anne ||  3/27/2006 ||  9:26:24 AM
. . . all of it.
»anne ||  3/27/2006 ||  9:27:27 AM
what she said.
»n8 ||  3/27/2006 ||  11:35:21 AM
WOOT! i just woke up.
»mina ||  3/28/2006 ||  12:21:37 PM
Three years later: Pony is in NYC for fun
»:r ||  3/28/2009 ||  9:03:30 AM

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