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Weekend of happyrobot - part I

Friday night

MattyJ planned dinner at the Italian restaurant Caffe Carciofo here in Brooklyn. They have a back room that we had all to ourselves since we had about 10 people joining us.
As far as robots, Tim was there.
Eve from Hawaii.
It was nuts. This was the first time we had all met Eve and that was all exciting.
She's very nice.

Dinner was perfect. Our waitress was super awesome and recommended and pulled some cool bottles of wine for us. The food was... how say? tasty?
Meals don't get much better.
The scene was just so idyllic.. It's a comfy, warm space they have there. Very homey.
Just being able to sit there and be surrounded by all these friends... it was all heartwarming and stuff.
I wish someone had been there to photograph the whole thing.
Everyone was pretty.

America: Kick it!
Laura & Tamara
After dinner, we went to Corner Bar on Smith where apparently people drank too much.
Eve and I talked about wine. Otherwise I don't remember any other specifics other than it seemed like everyone was in rare form (dangerous).
There was a lot of hysterical laughter I think.

(UPDATE: Even though Mrs. Robot and I left a respectable time (1ish), apparently the fun went on until much later. Certain robots I know for a fact stayed in bed all day Saturday and only got up to go to the party that night. What troopers!)

Apparently Eve ended up sleeping on a couch at Mina's place under plastic or something
(Don't tell Donnie!!)

Blaine arrived at our apartment at around 2pm after having a harrowing experience where he left his luggage on the crazy Chinatown bus that he took up from DC.
He got his luggage in the end.

We had a late lunch at the Chip Shop where I had a huge friend sausage. After lunch, we found Adina and went shopping for clothes and wine.
A nice afternoon.

Tonight is the party
Got my breakaway pants on.

»n8 ||  3/26/2006 ||  9:30:04 AM
sounds like a great time! i soooooo want an "i heart donnie" tee. please tell me it has "happyrobot" on the back and please tell me i can buy one!
»lisa ||  3/26/2006 ||  7:37:15 PM
mmm friend sausage.
»elananano ||  3/26/2006 ||  10:59:48 PM
that whole day was one of the best in recent memory....though the night gets a little blurry at some points. Thanks robots.
»eve ||  3/27/2006 ||  6:35:53 PM

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