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Hello. It's Monday Night.


You should be: 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, or about 37 degrees Celsius.
The funny thing is that we always forget that number when one of us is sick. Mrs. Robot is all laid out and ill and I asked her if she had taken her temp recently.
So she did and then we stood there and looked at the thermometer.
"Uh, what's the temp supposed to be?"
"I thought 98?"
"I have no idea"

The Cat: She is frisky
What happened there? All she wants to do is play with her feather or that one mouse.
She's running around chirping.
K-Mac: What'd you feed her when we were gone?

Studying is hard
I'm back in school. Learning is hard.
(OK. It's a wine class, but I am having to study. A ton.)

The people from Yemen are fighting again
When do you call the cops?
I peep out the window like some scared old lady and see a woman with a baseball bat. I see a man with a wood stick.
I see two small girls (the same ones who may have microwaved their own cat once).
Is the woman screaming at the man or into the phone?

It's hard to tell from here.

These people scream all the time.
No, really. We've lived here since 1999. All the time.
Is this their normal family screaming? If I went to their family reunion, would everyone be screaming and carrying wooden sticks in a threatening manner?

Did I just see a young girl with a bat take a swing at someone?
What world are they living in?

I see the little girl take a swing and now it's eerily quiet.
Someone just slammed a door.

ok. happy.

Speaking of family
We just got back from a weekend in the ATL. It was family fun birthday weekend and we ate and drank and were merry. I built many fantastic looking buildings with legos that were then demolished by my young nephew.
That's how we roll.
I build. He tears down.

He did have his first taste of Krug.


96 degrees in the shade.
Good health to Mrs Robot...get better for the party. xoxoxox
»eve ||  3/14/2006 ||  12:43:08 AM
98.6 is normal, but I can never tell when I'm sick because my normal temperature is 97.7. I am some kind of Ice (wo)Man.
»dorf ||  3/14/2006 ||  9:54:49 AM
we had the same prob with the knowing fever vs. regular temperature thing... so we looked it up and put a sticker on the thermometer case for future reference ;-P
»elananano ||  3/14/2006 ||  1:27:43 PM

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