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Who doesn't open the door?

Here is what is on my plate
Our mystifying neighbors.
For whatever reason, our upstairs neighbors have been a bit rowdier than normal this week.
They really aren't crazy noisy, but more like stupid noisy. Stupid things crashing onto the floor. Stupid noodling on their guitar (painful). Stupid dumb-guy laughing at TV.
Actually, I don't know if it's one or two people living up there.
I have literally seen the main guy maybe twice and traded all of one sentence with him ("Your AC is leaking into our apartment").

Like I said, they aren't really *that* noisy (Mrs. Robot is hitting the comments thing to disagree). Whenever I get cranky about them/him, I think of my old roommate Mike who lives in this cheap-ass (900$) apartment and has these idiot teens upstairs who blast the local radio station 24-7.
That would suck.
Way more.

The point.
Last night, they are rocking out to some nice bass heavy stuff at 11:30pm.
I gots to get my sleep on.
Who thinks that is a great time to blast music in a building where they obviously know that there is no soundproofing? We hear people farting upstairs.

I stomp up the stairs and bang on the door.
Sidenote: I have to say that my door banging was just beautiful. Their door is really made for banging. It made me sound much larger and meaner. It made me sound like I meant business. If you want to come over and try it out - feel free.

Banged on door.
I hear shuffling very near the door and then I hear the music go off.

And that's it.
No one opens the door.

I stand there like a dork for a minute until I give a second knock. A very tentative knock this time.
"Um, Hello?"

The door does not open.
I stomp downstairs and slam my own door (to keep up the impression that I am large and/or mean).

Who doesn't open the door?
Was he scared of my liberal arts educated fists of irony?

Speaking of Mike
His lovely wife Erin popped out a little girl the other day. Wooo!
Congrats to them!

Things are well. I am enrolled in this fancy wine class that starts next week. I get some sort of certificate if I pass the exam.
I'll start writing pre-exam posts like Victoria if I am not careful.

I haven't taken a test since... like 1972.

Work is kicking my ass - but it's all good.
Our new snazzy-a-riffic office is in/next to/ very close to the Chelsea Market.
If you have never been to the Chelsea Market, it's a charming little... market? Mall? Not sure.
But it's a lot of bakeries and restaurants and fish stores and dairy stores and Italian markets and - well, there's a lot of fun stuff. It's enjoyable to have to commute through to get to the office.

My only issue is that the whole Chelsea Market has lousy coffee. I have tried everything.
I miss my Bangladeshi coffee friends from the old office.

My Ports
As of April 1, the United Arab Emirates will be taking control of all coding on this website.

there's a part of you that wants to go back to Asheville, am I right? Yeah? Yeah?
And how about the wine there? And the bodegos are open for how long? . . . and they sell what kind of free range humus? Banging on a door is much scarier than just sitting it out, stewing in self-righteous rage. Good for you, for giving it a go and all. There's a rooster down the block from where I live. He's worse.
»anne ||  3/2/2006 ||  11:35:39 AM
The United Arab Emirates are cheating on me!
»o.g. ||  3/2/2006 ||  11:39:25 AM
my ports, my lovely lady lorts
»fergie ||  3/2/2006 ||  12:22:50 PM

I used to have a rooster down the road from where I lived, too. And that was in Manhattan. woke me up too many dang saturday mornings.
»matty j ||  3/2/2006 ||  1:00:21 PM
i just had a not-such-a-surprise midterm. Exams are FUN, rich.
»eve ||  3/2/2006 ||  3:00:10 PM
you could put a sign by their door that says "please don't [everything]"!
»mina ||  3/2/2006 ||  3:08:48 PM
am i something to be avoided?
»victoria ||  3/2/2006 ||  3:18:56 PM
»:r ||  3/2/2006 ||  3:32:09 PM
I bet they were having guests from their old life in town for a little stay and were partying like they used to in the old days...

UAE hey you know me.

The whine clubbe postings will be a whole different tone.

»kristen ||  3/3/2006 ||  12:03:03 PM
Door bangin' is pretty bangin'.
»chris ||  3/3/2006 ||  12:30:06 PM
ask me about door bangin' stories sometime....oh and my.
knock 'em dead richard.
»n8 ||  3/4/2006 ||  7:32:52 PM

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